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Periodic Table Of Wellness

Periodic Table Of Wellness

Periodic Table Of Wellness

What Is Wellness?

Wellness is a state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

It is a holistic approach to living, an approach that emphasizes the whole person. It is the complex interactions between the body, mind and spirit that has an impact on the state of your health. It is a way of life, a choice each day. Learning to lead a lifestyle that allows you to fulfill your highest potential of well-being. It is finding the balance in life to allow you to create and develop wellness.

I believe this is a life long process of constantly moving towards enhancing your physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and environmental wellness.


The Periodic Table Of Wellness

This Wellness Periodic Table I have devised demonstrates the key elements required for creating real and lasting wellness. Understand that it is an active process of becoming aware and making choices each and every day towards living and breathing a fulfilling and happy life. is about teaching you to learn to understand your body, to know that it is a system of systems. You cannot be well if you don’t take care of every one of these systems. You can’t out exercise a bad diet, you can’t lose weight if you don’t get adequate sleep, and you can’t change the shape of your body if you train the wrong way.


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