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Dear Nicola, The BR30 programme helped me to take control of my fitness, eating and weight loss goals again. It gave me the tools and support to turn around six months travelling with 15kg weight gain and put me on track to become a super happy, new person!
I began to feel amazing, empowered and healthy again…combined with a rediscovered passion for exercise, a new ability to read my body and how it responds to different foods and some satisfying kg’s lost!

In the month I did the programme I lost 5kg, as well as plenty of cm’s off my body…since then I have lost another 7kg by permanently going gluten free, minimising processed food etc, and of course using the online gym.

The support given with the programme is amazing, Nicola is there whenever you need, and can answer even the trickiest questions, always giving solid, usable advice. The emails that come regularly keep you honest, and really help to stick to the programme. Her check-ins I found really helpful, and it was great to see results from the first week.

The work outs are great, I love the selection, the ease in being able to do them wherever and whenever you want and learning that the weight training (sculpt and tones) are as important as the rest! As I am living in Switzerland it has been fantastic to access a NZ site, and the value for money is really good. I love doing the yoga and rebalancing routines and feeling relaxed, clear headed, strong and grounded afterwards.

Nicola’s nutrition advice was epic, I still can spend ages reading through all the information on the website…I have gone from eating pasta, bread, sugar and processed food along with the usual fruit and veges, to having gone gluten free, processed food cut out completely from my diet, and refined sugar out the door…I feel so much better, and on the odd occasion when I do end up eating some of these things, my body responds with a resounding “you’re making me feel sick!!!”…

I couldn’t have done it without the knowledge and support Nicola has given…the programme totally reforms the way you think and feel about food…to me now it is about fueling my body so that it performs at its best, and I feel better physically, emotionally (no more ups and downs) and mentally in control.

Thank you Nicola, you’re a legend, and I can’t recommend the programme enough!

As a health professional myself, I take a lot of care with regards to what I put into (and onto) my body. Nicola’s BR30 programme is well researched and thought out and covers many of the bases you need to be fully healthy. I love the fact that I can use the workouts from the Online Gym to work out anywhere, even when I’m away from home or time is tight. For me it wasn’t about losing weight, but an opportunity to hold myself fully accountable – there’s nothing quite like having someone else check in on you! In addition to making sure I was placing emphasis on ALL areas of wellbeing (especially sleep – it’s amazing how good you feel when you get enough) and really walking my talk. YOU deserve to put yourself first … it’s only 30 days – you have nothing to lose and a whole lot of health and energy to gain!


Hi Nicola, I’m now 24wks pregnant with my second baby. I’ve attached a couple of pics of me attempting to do your online workouts with my little boy Max. It is very funny! He is a very clingy wee man and has to be climbing all over me while I work out. Often I ditch the weights and just carry him around doing my squats and lunges which he thinks is pretty funny.
I love your workouts and have no problem doing them while pregnant I just choose low options. I love that they are all short as I can easily fit them in while my boy sleeps or just try to get through them with him “helping” me. Max even tries to do pressups with me – very funny to watch! thanks again.


I am a recovering ‘cardio bunny’… I would run every second day and on the weekend put my body through at least 2 hours of running. I did the odd weights session in the gym but there was no structure and I would never go too heavy because it would effect my running. I was exhausted. In my mind the only way to lose kgs and keep them off was with endless amounts of cardio.
Nicola helped me ‘let go’ of my cardio addiction and made me a personalised weight training program. She has shown me the beauty of weight training and how important it is for toning and fat loss. I train with heavy weights 3 times a week and she left room for regular runs and sprints. Its been 12 weeks and I’ve been taking progress pictures . My weight on the scales hasn’t changed but my body has changed amazingly in my pictures. My thighs are tighter, arms are beginning to become defined, my waist is smaller. All over my body is tighter, leaner and more compact!
Nicola is helping me achieve exactly what I want to achieve. If I have a question she gets back to me within 24 hours – always with a happy, positive, encouraging vibe. She is like my little cheerleader that makes me feel awesome about my progress – even though it’s been slow at times! She has also been helping me with other health issues. I feel so lucky to have found Nicola. She is truly a beautiful person who is dedicated to helping her clients be the very best version of themselves.


My gosh I LOVE The Online Gym. I am a Mum of two and my husband is a shiftworker and bodybuilder. I have battled in my head for the past year or so trying to work out how to get to the gym with my zero childfree time and I finally found the answer! The online gym is amazing. So many different workouts to suit everyone, that can be done at home and at a time that suits you personally. I often do them with my kids clambering over me, or I wait until they are in bed and do my workout at 7.30pm. The fact that I don’t need to leave the house makes it so much easier to stick to. I finally feel like I can get a workout in every day and I love it. The workouts are challenging and I always feel fantastic afterwards. Mel
I joined the BR30 programme because I was overweight, always tired, with a constantly upset or bloated stomach, skin breakouts and pretty much constant heartburn. The advice and resources were well presented and made a lot of sense, so I understood why I was doing it which made it so much easier to do. Nicola’s support during the first week when I was withdrawing from caffeine was incredibly helpful, and it was so reassuring to know that support was readily available. After the first few days I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I lost weight, gained energy, my stomach felt lean and comfortable and my skin cleared up so much! My partner ate the same as I did, and he stopped snoring, got rid of nagging hip joint pain, lost weight and gained both energy and libido! We will never go back to eating as we did before. This is life changing and I intend to to live my life forever fit.


Working full-time and commuting up to an hour a day doesn’t leave much time or energy for going to the gym. But being over 50 and very aware of the difference keeping fit makes I knew I had to find a way of fitting a decent work-out into my schedule. The on-line gym is the perfect solution, the huge number of work-outs to choose from, many of them as little as 8 minutes long, plus the convenience of being able to work-out in my pj’s, plus the motivation of having Nicola working out with me has solved all my keep fit problems and I am now working out 5 times a week with no hassles and great results. Thanks Nicola.


The BR30 day programme has been amazing for me. I decided to try and follow the programme because it was following principles on nutrition and exercise that I knew about but wasn’t disciplined enough to stick to strictly by myself. I have enjoyed having the connection with Nicola to keep me focussed and motivated. I have been amazed at the results, I look and feel great, I have lost the 3 kgs I was aiming for and definitely feel more toned for it.
I really look forward to preparing food for myself and my family. At first I thought that I would really miss eating certain foods (bread especially) however this has not been the case, I love making the most delicious salads for lunch and I am often the envy of my colleagues at work. I am becoming adventurous with baking and using a variety of knew ingredients that I haven’t used before.
It has been fantastic having Nicola as a mentor, I love browsing the website for the different tips and advice as well as participating in the workouts that her and Ben have put together. . The luxury of doing the workouts at home has also worked well for me. The relaxed and real nature of these workouts makes it more achievable. Doing an exercise session in my garden with the tui’s is a great way to start the day. I can totally recommend this programme; it is easily achievable with fantastic results.



I think its the best gym ever! Peter always said we could never afford $30 a week on a gym membership and with him leaving home at 6.a.m ever morning I could never be back in time to be with girls in the morning. So now i wake at 5.45 and i see Nicola my trainer every morning in my little gym in the lounge. Its absolutly perfect for mothers like myself who want to work out but cant leave the house. The nutrition help is fantastic and the baking treats are really yumm too. Thanks so much, i tell everyone about forever



I really needed this – Thank you so much. Learning that I control the health of my body by the way I fuel it has given me so much strength and confidence. The more that time went on, the more i realized and my body realized that all those things i thought i needed, are not necessary, and were in fact bad for my health. I loved that i can fit the workouts in where ever i could, which is so important being busy with kids all the time. I love this – and though my 30 days are up, this isn’t for me. This is the lifestyle I want to live. I can continue to learn and listen and improve this body. I love how you push, but you still give us the opportunity to listen to what is right for each individual. You encourage us to push to our own limits and not put us all in a box that says “this is what your fitness level should be, this is what you have to do” Having all those recipes available was great too, it wasn’t until i got to about week 3, that i felt confident enough to have a look around at other sites, so it was good to have a good source of recipes to start with.



As a cardio junky and frequent runner I believed that in order to get any results you had to work out for at least an hour 3 times a week. Now I am now totally converted and much prefer hiits and extreme’s 5 times a week, although still include 1 long run a week (as need it for sanity away from the kids!!). I also love including power yoga and stretching into my week as well and it has relieved my regular morning back pain. My husband regularly comments that I am in the best shape in 10 years! Thank you Nicola!



Hi Nicola! I would highly recommend the Forever Fit BR30 programme to anyone who wants nutritional and exercise advise/examples, shopping lists and support all rolled in to one! I found the programme especially helpful as I am gluten and dairy intolerant and touchy on starches as well. As well as a wealth of information at your fingertips Nicola is quick to reply to any email queries and concerns. The HIIT, Lite, Core etc videos Nicola has done provide awesome variety and are a great, fast and effective work out with or without a gym membership! Thank you so much Nicola, I look forward to sticking with it on the online gym! :-)



Hi Nicola, Thank you so much for providing me with the BR30 programme. I have found it the most effective way to get results that I have tried, without having to really fatigue myself and run my body down in the process of exercising. I also found it really good that I received no injuries doing the workouts. I have really benefited from your recipes and am enjoying my new clean way of eating. It’s been a process for me, I didn’t just simply get it right from the start but I am in my third month now and am finding it far easier to make healthy choices and not crave the food that I know is not good for my well being. I love getting your daily inspirational messages and enjoy sharing them with others. Thank you again for your wisdom, knowledge, kindness, loving support, and professionalism with the BR 30 programme. I am definitely recommending your programme to many people and I think that Apple Mac are also going to benefit with a few people being encouraged, by me, to get iPads to help with the programme. Once again many, many thanks and I wish you well in your journey and that you continue to make such a huge difference in people’s lives, bringing them health and well being.



Mini course was personally amazing for me at keeping me motivated with getting me in the best shape of my life.
I feel I and well informed with ideas for healthy meals and the tips have changed my way of thinking in many ways.
Now that I have finished the minicourse I will miss receiving the daily messages!



Hi Nicola. The online gym philosophy is perfect for my lifestyle really. I have a busy life with 4 kids (10, 7, and twin 2.5 year olds). I work part time casual (but that only really covers the cost of two kids in child care a couple of times a week!). The online gym works when I get the workouts done first thing in the morning



Nicola is pure genuis.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Changing the way my family and I eat has been too good to be true.
Its really simple and easy when you think about it but i just needed that push is set me straight.
One of the crazy benefits for me has been that I have not been able to smell for 19 years and now I can.
Its the simple things in life that make a difference.
Big thank you hun
Forever grateful



The foreverfit minicourse was fantastic for me. I believed because I worked out a lot at the gym, ate fairly healthy, and did my cardio on a regular basis, that I knew what I needed to know about being healthy and well. Not true! Since following Nicola’s tips, among many other things, I have found out what I thought was healthy food was not actually nutritious, and it was most probably instead making me tired and lethargic. I’ve learnt I am probably over-exercising and also not having the active rest days I need.
It was super easy to follow, one email per day, with one goal or tip, plus links to more info if I needed to know more.
I loved that there was often a link to a recipe related to the email, of which I have tried many now and am suprised how great real food can taste! Even my two boys (4 & 6) have enjoyed a lot of my new meals.
Thank you Nicola for your fantastic tips, I feel like a new woman already!
Thanks for “checking in”. I admire what you do and think your business model (and authentic style of delivery) are fabulous. Health and Happiness.
Just finishing my 7th week of weights and Omg I am so frigging excited about my arms!! The are still wobbly but I have been noticing the fat melting and I’ve finally got definition. It’s like a miracle but I certainly know its not… It’s a lot of hard work woo!! Have a great Friday xx.
I loved it! The tips are down to earth, informative and really helpful and boosted my motivation to change up my current work out regime and re-evaluate my food choices.They’ve been a great kick start to improving my mind, body and soul. Thanks heaps Nicola!
BODY = 3kg Lighter, WAIST = 7cm THINNER, LEGS, BUTT, ARMS = All lost cm’s
FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER… Thank you Foreverfit BR30, you are AMAZING!
Nicola, I love your website. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information.
The mini course was a great way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. I found it very motivating to read a new tip everyday and I will continue to use them now that I have them all. I feel I have all the necessary information now to be in control of making my own decisions on a healthy lifestyle, without being confused by the many different magazines I read on this topic.
I loved receiving the tips everyday as they were positive, upbeat and genuinely useful!
Hi Nicola. Iv been following some of your suggestions for over a week now (although had a bad lapse over the weekend). For 6 days I ate a good protein based breakfast and lunch and had a smaller dinner. Also have cut out anything processed or packaged. Have been eating eggs, nuts n seeds and plenty of veges and some fruit. Just wanted to let u know I felt a change after about 3 days. I felt so good – had more energy, less tired and in a better mood more often! didnt have any cravings and wasnt wanting to eat all the time! I even found I actually didnt even want stuff like bikkies, choc etc if I was offered it. Bread is another thing I haven’t missed. After my crap weekend where I went back to my old eating habits I noticed a change back the other way!! I didnt even really enjoy the things I would normally like the bread and chocolate!!
Hi Nicola, Thank you so much for the program, I’m loving eating heaps for breakfast!
Hi Nicola! Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! Thanks for your help and support in the last 5 months, I thought I’d better send through some photos finally, attached is my before photo…And photo as of 3rd January…pretty stoked with the difference! I’ve stuck to the lifestyle change, and wouldn’t want to go back, definitely do not missed processed food or gluten! I had an amazing holiday in NZ and it was great to be comfortable wearing my bikini again, only 5 more kg/one dress size to go and I’m at my goal! Hope you are well, thanks again.
Hi Nic. I love the online gym! I’m getting on greatly – been loving the sprinting and the hiits.
Nicola’s mini course is great and truly work if you follow it. I always love going on facebook and checking out her comments and photo’s and also going onto her website for her amzing receipes. I am currently a member of a gym that I love but plan to join her online gym as well, because Nicola is truely motivates me. I’m thinking that instead of buying magazines every month to try and motivate me I will join the online gym and getting updated workouts and receipes etc. Thanks so much for your minicourse and great website.
Hey Nicola, Well things are going so well. I have realised that I haven’t e-mailed you with my results from my 30 days! I have almost completed them but will be next week now before I get them away! I lost around 7kgs on the 30 days and 10kgs all together. I’m very very happy with the online gym, this has been the longest I have stuck any fitness or eating plan and I’m loving how easy it is. I enjoy working out with you, you have become the friend that I have never met! Anyway I will try hard to get my results to you ASAP! Thanks heaps.
Nicola, you are an inspiration and living proof of health & vitality. I found these tips invaluable and very quickly they showed the areas I needed to focus on.
I listened to this at work today and WOW!!! This is the best podcast yet and I can’t thank you enough for doing it….. And for asking my silly question ” what to eat when you want to eat everything” lol . All this info totally opened my mind to a different way of looking at the food I eat and how it affects me. All I used to think was you eat junk, you get fat. I had no idea just how it affects EVERYTHING! It was fantastic to hear about how it all ties into inflammation, hormones, your liver and fertility…. Anyway I’m waffling lol thank you, this information is invaluable :) I think I actually got goosebumps when she talked about belly fat and how it kinda has a life of its own and affects how your body functions…. I have lots of belly fat! I’m sitting eating grapes and have decided REAL food must be my new binge food lol. Thanks again nicola, you’re changing lives .
I have been on my weight loss journey for 6 months and have found the the kilos are not falling off as fast as they did at the beginning. After recieving minicourse from Forever fit i have easily got back on track, refreshed my mind set and lost another 3 kilos this month. Thanks so much for the wonderful, practical ideas. I am sad that my tips are over!
The minicourse tips were positive, motivational, clear and most welcome to my email! I really enjoyed Nicola’s clear, healthy, whole lifestyle approach based on making you a better, healthier person for life- and not just short term. Nicola’s emphasis is on making these tips an everyday part of your life, so that yes, you really can be forever fit!
Hi Nicola, After seeing your name on Facebook, I went to your website, signed up to the 7-day challenge and was hooked from there on in. I just wanted to say what an amazing idea you have come up with and your passion for helping others to become forever fit is so inspiring and motivating. Today I did my first workout with you and I feel so good! I have always enjoyed exercising and keeping ‘healthy’ but have become so confused over the years about what is actually good for my body. You have cleared up so many of my questions and have made my life so much better already and I would just like to thank-you :) I can’t wait to learn more from your website and get stuck in to the online gym. Thanks again!x
Hi Nicola, Just a quick message to say, I really enjoyed your Hit35 and Sculpt and Tone26 today. It was fantastic having your motivation all the way through the workout. I workout to your Hits, challenges etc pretty much everyday and find I am toning up very quickly. Thanks for the excellent workouts. Have a great week. Cheers
So enjoyed reading all the tips..I have taken lot’s on board, so focused now and working towards my goals i have set for myself…..Thank you for your support and encouragement you give to each and everyone of us out there..
thank you Nicole your program is truly wonderful…cheers
I loved the BR30 program. The workouts are awesome and I never got bored. There are so many options and doing the workouts along with you is motivating. When you struggle to complete the reps but you keep going, it made me keep going too. You made me push myself to where I never have before. The recipes are quick and easy and a lot of them only have a handful of ingredients, which I love. It made eating simpler. I never really liked cooking but using your recipes you don’t actually have to spend a long time in the kitchen cooking the tasty, healthy food. I’ve given your recipes to loads of people that kept asking me what it was that I was eating for lunch. They all love the broccoli and cashew salad as much as me! This program has helped me immensely. I’ve lost weight, I’ve lost centimetres, my eyes are brighter, I’ve toned up, I’ve got more energy. I’m no longer bloated and I feel like my insides are smiling. I believe I’ve changed my eating and exercise habits for good!
Nicola, your foreverfit emails over the past 7 days are, and have been awesome. You are a very talented lady and you realise that us girls want practical, easy to follow ideas and tips and this is exactly what you do. Everyday I enjoyed opening up your next email – wondering and always delighted to receive yet more ideas. Keep up the great job you do Nicola. You deserve to be successful.
Hi Nicola. I loved the BR30 programme! It is the only programme I have ever stuck too and not given up. I have not been perfect but have had the motivation to get up the next day and think ok lets get on with it. Its has taught me so much about myself and what I can achieve in a short amount of time. I hear people all the time saying “Im so tired, I feel like crap” and I think to myself I dont feel like that anymore because I know the secret! Dont get me wrong I still feel tired at the end of the day but its like a good tried, not a have to drag myself around tired anymore. I am much happier in myself which is nice as well! Thank you so much Nicola, you have done such an amazing job. You have changed my life!
Really helpfull, informative, good quality tips and information! Thanks Nicola! :-)
Hi Nicola. I have another piece of feedback to add :-). I saw a friend today who I havent seen for a while. She asked what Ive been doing and said my skin looked amazing and that the whites of my eyes were really white! I have always beena annoyed with my eyes as the whites have been tinged yellow for as long as I remember. I hadnt even noticed this change myself so when i got home I checked in the mirror and voila-WHITE whites! haha. YAY!!!! So healthy foods are doing REALLY good things for me. My liver is obviously loving it.Anyway just wanted to share that as i hadnt noticed myself until it was pointed out by someone else :-)
I enjoyed getting the e-newsletter every day. It has great tips about things we all want to know about. We get so many mixed messages and I found these great for cutting to the facts and was about things we want to know about.
Hey Nic. Well, my first goal was to become somewhat lighter – I had a goal of 5kg in my head, and I managed 2.5kg over the past month. Though, as you know I’ve had an ‘interesting month’ and really only managed to sort portion control – which in itself is a highlight! Overall I’m about 1cm smaller overall, not much I know – and I’m on to a great start. Thank you for the motivation through the past 4 weeks. It may not have seemed that I’ve been paying attention to you – I have. And I will continue to pay attention. Your program has highlighted a lot of nutritional changes I can easily make to my day to day life, and how to mix up the exercise some more. I realise now that it’s going to be a good thing to stop running daily, and have started to do more speed walking. And this forces me to use core muscles! Much more than running! So thanks for that too. Love your work, Nic. Cheers & thanks,
These are tips that will actually make a difference. A fantastic way to ease into a new way of living. by adding to the programme every day making change is manageable.
Hi! Can’t believe only four days left. Think I’m going to keep going for another month…enjoying it and despite my little struggle last week feeling on track and good again. Thanks! Mare…..P.s having clothes i haven’t been able to wear for awhile fit is a great incentive! four more cm from waist and think my old jeans will be back into my wardrobe!
Hi Nicola, Thanks so much for all the tips. Plan is going good on the food side of things – noticing huge changes with less cravings and really enjoying the meals. Feel like all my eating habits have been completely reversed!! So exciting and so keen to learn more. My favorite thing is the easy peasy banana bread – have made it 4 times already, my little 2 year old loves it too! I really enjoyed getting such detailed & personalied feedback & I found the workouts really easy to fit into my day. The programme really makes sense and although at times it can be challenging to follow (food – especially when you are out and about or around with friends) it really does help you to get results.

There was plenty of information to help guide me and I really enjoyed being able to access all of the recipes online. (I really loved your avocado dressing). A lot of the food was super simple, easy to make & delicious. I have really found that my sugar cravings have diminished and I have a lot more energy than I used to have. Thanks Nicola for your advice – it was great to have the regular emails to keep me motivated and accountable too.
The BR30 programme has been great and making me think of food as fuel, and making me think about what I need to eat to be able to function as I want to. I saw the food as a challenge, and really enjoyed cooking and eating the food.
Am really stoked with how the Online Gym has set me up with some awesome habits – nutrition and fitness wise. i got up earlier this morning to do a HIIT and it feels awesome to come home from work and know thats done for the day. am continuing eating the same as well – no reason not to stop cos it works for me!
I enjoyed the programme, I found that I had up and down moments throughout the 30 days as it was quite a change to my normal eating and sometimes I really struggled with being organised and finding things to eat that were in line with the plan but by the end of the 30 days I was well into the swing of things and it didn’t seem like a big deal at all. I really liked the workout side of the programme and the availability, variety and flexibility of the workouts. I enjoy the HIITs and the sculpt and tone workouts the most and am in awe of how much work you have put into them! I loved how much information was available, from recipes to your blog posts and workouts. It was easy to follow and stick to as there is so much information available which helped me as I really like to know the basis and background of ideas and pools of thought and your information makes a lot of sense and is very relevant to every day lives and I was surprised to read about things that I’d never given a thought to before but which are quite influential in people’s lives. Also having you available to ask questions often was great! I hadn’t really thought that there would be so much contact but it really helps and is motivational throughout the programme so thank you :).



I liked the way I feel. I like eating real food. I like having a workout schedule. I like to be able to ask questions when I wasn’t sure.
Great thank you! and thanks for the super quick response. Just finished reading your cereal article, very good to read and I know a lot of friends that could benefit from reading this! Have only been following you a short while and also listening to your podcasts, and I have to say for the last couple of weeks I have felt more energetic and awake than ever before. Thank you very very much! Yay to meat and veges for breakfast lol!
I think the advice and the first week of the programme is really well set out and the menu plans that can be printed off in pdf I think?! are awesome :) It’s very user friendly!
I’ve really enjoyed the workouts and have stuck to them everyday. I’ve been pushing myself as hard as I can. It’s great having you on the videos like a personal trainer, it really pushes me to keep going.
I think I’ve done great – avoiding temptation and sticking with the plans I’ve given myself. I can feel my clothes getting looser already.
Thanks Nicola for this plan – its great & you are making a positive difference in people’s lives!

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