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Real Foodie Interview – Kim Renshaw

Real Foodie Interview – Kim Renshaw

Kim Renshaw
Today I wanted to share with you the fabulous Kim Renshaw, she is the creator of The Smoothie Club.  Currently The Smoothie Club is hosting monthly events in Bay Of Plenty and Auckland and with the growing number each month I’m sure it will pop very soon around the rest of the country.

Kim is on a mission to bring together those who are on a quest to find real health and bring them educational monthly workshops with local gurus in health and wellbeing. She wants people to not feel alone, and to met others who to are on their own journey also.

I got the privilege of speaking at the May event all about fermented foods and gut health where I got to met Kim and get to know her a little better.  So today I wanted to share a little bit about Kim to you all, so you can keep an eye out on The Smoothie Club and head along to the monthly workshops when they are in a town near you.


Who is Kim Renshaw?
A constantly evolving, improving human whose mission in life is to share my passion of health, wellbeing, happiness and authenticity.


What was your turning point that made you search for real health?
A few years ago when faced with hormonal imbalances following childbirth I chose to listen to my intuition, which said to look to natural options and real food instead of medicine.


Would you say you are a “live to eat,” or “eat to live” kind of person??
Oh definitely a live to eat person. I LOVE eating, cooking and preparing food for myself and others. I see food growing, preparation & devouring as my main creative outlet.


How do you like to move your body?
Leading with my right side (I’m goofy footed) I mostly do board sports like surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding as well as plenty of yoga (4 times per week for 20 mins) and a dash of cruiser bike riding.


How would you describe your philosophy around food?
I believe in real eating, real food. I’m not vegan or vegetarian, fruitarian or paleo, keto or clean. I listen to my body, ask what it wants to be nourished with and deliver that food. I eat real food, mostly plants and not often from packets, unless they’re my delicious brand of Kimmithgone Hempseeds!


How would you describe your philosophy around exercise?
I do things I enjoy doing, when I feel like doing them. I’m not particularly structured or routine oriented, but I know that doesn’t work for everyone.


What does your typical days food look like for you?
Lemon water, Green smoothie, Egg and kimchi on toast or rice crackers, salad & grain or salad & meat.


What was your last workout?
A series of 10 salutes to the sun involving twists with my friends, while away for the weekend in a log cabin (sound like a bunch of hippies right!)


Whats your go to meal to cook?
Salad: raw cabbage, raw onion, hempseeds, greens, kimchi or sauerkraut, roast broccoli & kumara with Kimmithgone Hempseed oil dressing & a squeeze of lemon. Oh and lots of kelp salt.


Name your top 3 people you admire the most?
Jamie Oliver, David Suzuki & David Ji.


Whats one of the biggest health myths you would love the world to really understand?
That any type of processed fat is not great for you. That includes margarine, fish oil & vegetable oils. Just because something is in a capsule (eg fish oil) doesn’t mean it hasn’t been processed to hell.


What does being foreverfit mean to you?
Being able to live a physical life till the day I die.


What is a Real Food Recipe you want to share and what is so great about this recipe?
This is my go to green smoothie! Its full of energy boosting and hormone balancing bits and pieces to get you going and keep you stable x

1 Tbsp Maca
1 Tbsp Kimmithgone Hempseed Oil
1 Tbsp Kimmithgone Hemp Protein
1 apple
1 pear
1 large handful of greens
1 1/2 cups water
blend and enjoy x


You can find Kim here

Kim Renshaw - The Smoothie Club


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