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Should You Be Really Tired After Exercising

Should You Be Really Tired After Exercising

Find Out If You Should Be Really Tired After Exercising


I am all about training smarter, more efficiently and more effectively. Often where I see people go wrong is their interpretation of the word intensity and with the huge popularity of things like crossfit and more HIIT (high intensity interval training) I am seeing more and more people burning out and not understanding the word balance. Don’t get me wrong these things are great, but often interpreted wrong.

When you hear things like you need to work out harder most people think this means more sets, reps and hours spent slogging it out. This couldn’t be further from the truth. More isn’t always better. Your focus should be on working out smarter and not necessarily longer or more. The word harder in my eyes means more efficiently and more effectively. Smarter more intelligent training.


Interpretation Of Training

With our lives getting busier and busier and more an more awareness being placed on simplicity and de-stresses, we are still in the same mindset that our workouts need to be torture and completely kicking our A#ses! This really isn’t helped with TV shows like biggest loser demonstrating just that or instagram and facebook feeds of people thrashing their bodies. Its really not helping people understand that workouts this intense aren’t meant for everyday. You do not need to be exhausting your body with your workouts each and every day. Nor do your workouts need to be taking up massive hours in your week unless you want them to.

The busier we get and the more modern we make our lives I still see people using old school approaches and methodology that more is better. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the energy for that kind of carry on, nor would I want to. I would much rather be out riding my horse! It sounds just awful and if I don’t have to why on earth would I want to. I want to have energy to enjoy my life and the reasons I work out is so that it makes me a better person and so that I am fit and healthy to be doing all the things I love. When you workout, it shouldn’t be making you want to fall asleep in the afternoons each and every day and turn you into a grumpy cow of a wife. If should be energizing you and making you fitter and stronger in your every day life and improving your mood. Yes there may be some workouts in your week where you pushed that boundary and thats ok, but every day is a different story.


More Isn’t Always Better

What you see on TV and what we hear these days is that weight loss means endless cardio or huge amounts of training. No rests, just intense work and severe calorie restriction day in and day out. All in all the recipe for looking great is to torture your body, obsess over food, be grumpy and moody to be around and suffer through the journey. Or is it??

Don’t get me wrong having some super intense workouts in your week is great, but not every day. You need to listen to your body and provide it with workouts that challenge you and make you fitter, with workouts that build energy and rebalance the body.

So start to look at how you balance your week, listen to your body and find that combination between restorative workINS like yoga, mobility and walking with intense workOUTs such as HIITS all inside the online gym. When you find that combination, this is when you will find a healthy lifestyle balance and achieve optimal health.



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