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Signs You May Have Leaky Gut

Signs You May Have Leaky Gut

Signs you may have leaky gut

Our digestive system is the power house of control for our health, emotions and moods. If your gut isn’t healthy either are these other things. When we throw antibiotics, medication, gluten, stress, sugar and poor lifestyle in our body, something within has to be affected. Too often this stress is hidden and unfortunately it is concealed on one of the most powerful control centres of your body, your gut.

The main causes of leaky gut are foods you are intolerant to, an infection, medications and toxins. Gluten is often one of the biggest causes of leaky gut, along with other inflammatory foods like dairy, sugar, alcohol and processed foods. Often when someone has leaky gut they will also have infections like candida overgrowth, intestinal parasites and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) because a digestive system that is in poor health is the perfect environment for these fungus and parasite to thrive in. Other things that then add insult to injury is the use of medications, steroids, antibiotics, pesticides and BPA from plastics, as these not only kill off good bacteria but also increase estrogen load in the body which these infections feed off.


Your gut is naturally permeable. This allows small molecules to be absorbed into the blood stream. Those people with intestinal permeability however have lost this basic function of the cells in the mucosal lining of the gut. When your gut gets stressed its gets worn out, just like an old sheet on your bed, the tight junctions in the fabric get loose and fragile. The same thing happens in your digestive system the more you abuse it. These naturally permeable tight junctions are getting pulled apart, creating leaky gut. Now the gut lining is inflamed and things like toxins and undigested food particles get into your body via your bloodstream.  This then creates an immune response as your body.


Signs You May Have Leaky Gut

  1. Candida, fungus or parasite infection
  2. Skin problems, rash, eczema, dermatitis
  3. Digestive problems, hard time getting energy from food and getting things such as gas, bloating, diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  4. Ridges on your nails, or white spots – malnourished due to not being absorb nutrients you eat.
  5. Seasonal allergies or asthma.
  6. Always getting flus, bugs and virus’s
  7. Hormonal imbalances
  8. You have arthritis, joint pain, poor recovery time.
  9. Diagnosis of chronic fatigue
  10. Emotional highs and lows, moodiness, depressed days or things like ADD or ADHD.
  11. Food allergies or really sensitive to lots of new foods
  12. Sensitivity to lights


One big thing that con contribute significantly to leaky gut is gluten. Check out this next post with the 23 foods that are cross reactive to gluten and see if this makes a difference for you.


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