Skin Health 2 - What is Perioral Dermatitis?

Skin Health 2 – What is Perioral Dermatitis?

Skin Health 2 – What is Perioral Dermatitis?

What is perioral dermititis 2
So about 2 months ago I posted about Skin Health 1 – What is Perioral Dermatitis?, and as promised I said I would follow up on this. At the time I didn’t really go into it much, but I was fighting a very annoying rash on my face, which I have found out since it is called Perioral Dermatitis. It is really common in fair headed females, my age and who blush easily! Uhoh! I  was told it is also aggravated by heating your body and sweat on your skin….so exercising makes it redder!! Double Uhoh considering I do this everyday!


This perioral dermatitis turned up the day I put some sports sunblock on my face, I don’t wear sunblock usually, but I was going to be in the sun all day, so I decided to use some and given the intense sun we have had I wanted to be safe. I was told that for some reason the sunblock affected the PH in my skin and just made it all come to the surface. This perioral dermatitis  then decided to just hang around, get worse and never disappear! Then over time it got angrier and angrier and so I have had to go in very deep and try and find the cause and root to this problem, because clearly the sunblock just ignited the fire and wasn’t the actual issue!

The first place I went was to skin specialists, and got myself on the right organic natural products for my skin and got their advice. Turns out perioral dermatitis is particularly common in Tauranga and has a nick name of the strawberry rash, because it turns up a lot when strawberries are in season….hmmm I may have had my fair share of strawberries at the time, so who knows with that one!

The good news is, I have learnt so much about my skin and I believe I am on the best path not only for my skin but for my overall health. So I am really keen to share with you what I have learnt and hopefully help you if you are having skin/digestive problems or if you know of anyone with something similar and feel like there is no end to it. You aren’t alone, so share it with them and help shortcut all the experimentation that I went through.

Skin Health 2 – What is Perioral Dermatitis?

I havn’t got a picture of when it was at its reddest, but trust me, it was pretty awful and you can’t cover it up with makeup, so you just have to ignore it. I didn’t exactly want to take photos, but have decided it was a good idea so I can show you. This picture was taken about 1month into the healing, so still pretty angry and red, but not as bad as what it was in full flight! Photo not the best, but you can see on chin and around smile lines. It was much more intense around my chin and went the full length of my smile lines a month ago.


So here is where I have been….

Skin specialist told me Perioral Dermitis has been suggested to turn up when you eat to many foods that heat the skin or inflam the blood vessels in it to make it seem redder? What the? What foods heat the skin??

1. First port of call was to remove all sugar from my diet, so that means all fruit and I wasn’t eating much anyway. So any processed foods and fruit had to go and this seems to be a very common aggravator of perioral dermatitis. So for 30 days I removed fruit and of course anything processed.  (It takes 30 days for your skin to replace it self so anything that I was trying I was giving it 30 days.)  So I still had this rash! It had days when I thought it was getting better, and days when it was just full on angry, so was really hard to know if fruit was working or not. So after that, I decided I had to go further

2. Next step suggested to was then to remove any alcohol, coffee, and chocolate………..hmmm. So on Jan the 30th I took my self off all those things, I wasn’t exactly drinking much alcohol, or loads of chocolate, but coffee…..that was my weakness. So with these were all out the door, as well as all sugar and hoped that it would work, because I had been putting up with this rash now for a good 10 weeks, so I had to go all or nothing and so I did… some great headaches and withdrawals from the coffee and that was hard week teaching that week while I was coming off coffee, but I was busy so just got on with it….. So 14 weeks later, still had the rash.

3. So at this point I was lost! Doctors would of put me on antibiotics at this point. I got a lot of advice I was getting no where, no matter who I asked. I really didn’t want to go on antibiotics because I had done that in the past and years later  I still seem to have issues with this. So I was refusing to do that, because deep down inside I knew that if something is wrong with my skin it is a true indication of my digestive health. Was time to dig even deeper……..

I will let you know on the next post about skin where I have been and if it has worked because at this point I feel it has, but im not 100% sure so need to give it a good 30 days! :)


P.S Want to know what I discovered next on my perioral dermatitis journey? Read my next post Skin Health 3 – What Is Perioral Dermatitis Caused By 


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  • Hannah

    Before perioral dermatitis I have flawless skin. Then I noticed a itchy rash around my nose and lips (starting in 2013 when I was about 12) that would not go away. Then finally after 3 years of wearing make up (that wouldnt hide the rash fully) and trying any thing and everything for ance skin. My mum decided to go see a GP. And what do you know, I was diagnosed earlier this year (january) with perioral dermatitis from my GP. I went onto 12 weeks of antibiotics. My perioral dermatitis cleared up, and stayed away. And my skin was back to it old flawless skin. Until mid July when it started to reappear. This time however it was not as bad as the first time I had perioral dermatitis. At the moment I have been using ecostore soap. I have found that this soap helps to dry out my skin, thus temporary removing my redness and bumping skin. With that said I am now searching a more permanent solution, besides taking antibiotics (fear of future need, want to avoid resistance to antibiotics). Any advise?

  • elizabeth hurd

    I diagnosed my daughter, Sarah, (age 17) with perioral dermatitis (based on what I read on the internet) in March of 2014. She had a moderate, itchy rash around her nose and lips (starting in December 2013) that would not go away! She had always had clear skin so I was very puzzled. Once I discovered what her problem was she went on antibiotics (Doxycycline 100mg) in April 2014. I also started her on the Osmia Organics skin care regime: Black Clay facial soap, Purely Simple face cream, and active gel toner. Her skin cleared up 95%. I decided to take her to a Naturopath in July, 2014 as I knew that antibiotics were only a temporary reprieve (based on all the info on the internet)

  • Kris Ti

    Would love an update on how you’re going before I give up my beloved coffee! (I’m already doing gaps).

  • milica

    I was diagnosed with perioral a few years ago after having my first baby (I’m thinking it triggered a hormonal change that never went away) and I’m currently experiencing a huge flare-up but this time its all over my face, with hives to go along with it. Ever experience that, or do you think with your experience that its something else? I’m currently on my 6th dermatologist, and its beyond frustrating. I’m on a sulfur type cream that was prescribed and an antibiotic which I’m hoping helps soon. Any further advice that wasn’t listed on your site? What type of laundry detergent do you think is safe? I can’t figure out a way to really manage this and its making me insane. Thanks in advance for any reply

  • Tam

    I have had mine since august and it is now March. After trips to doctors loads of times and being prescribed different creams and steroids it still is the same and appearing on my face. This skin condition is so awful and a stress to cope with. I am very self conscious and care about my appearance so it is an awful thing for me to experience, I find that my condition gets worse after a night out of drinking Alcohol. But how can one go out and not drink alcohol when everyone else is having so much fun? Not fair… I give up with trying to sort it, it’s kind of like an obsession to cure the damn pain

  • Erika

    I am SO frustrated…. I have had it for 4 months and 2 months ago I kicked everything unnatural out of my skincare and make up routine. Like everyone else, it seemed to be getting better but then BAM, it rears its ugly, inflamed head! My rash is pretty minor but it is still annoying and frustrating when you are taking natural precautions (both topical and ingesting) with no prevail! Does it just need to run its course….. I am at a stand still with what to do next!

    • Nicola

      Hi Erika, for me my PD was caused from Leaky gut, so I had to address the deeper issue and fix my leaky gut, which then fixed my skin. I have written loads of posts on this site all about autoimmune conditions and how to heal digestion with right sort of foods. Unfortunatly no cream on the skin will work, you have to get to the root cause. So I would start by reading all the info on my site, then get a hold of some high quality probiotics and start your focus there. Hope that helps, get in touch if not as I would be happy to help you further :)

      • Tonya Taylor

        hoqndos you fix leaky gut? I have had PD for 8 months. It is around my nose and going down side of mouth. It’s painful and j am so depressed from it. I have been prescribed creams and lotions, surfer wash. Now I’m in antibiotic lotion. It’s just not going away! It will seem better (not clear) then BAM! It’s real red and blusterie again. I’m so frustrated! U do have yeast problems. I was treated two years ago for divaticulitis and since then I started having these little blisters. Now it’s just bad .how to get rid of leaky gut!? I know that’s probably it. It just makes sense. Where did you start, what did you do, and how long did it take to get better? Thank you for your help.

  • Lynall

    I have had the same for the last 2 months. 39 year old fit male. Seems to be clearing at the moment but sweating from training/sauna etc definitely seems to flare it up a bit. I juice a lot and am pretty much Veggie + Gluten free, not sure exactly causes mine…….

  • Meruok715

    So how is your skin now? I have been suffering from this for the past 4 months.

    • Hi, good, really good. I have to be careful about what I eat as certain things can flair it up. I have just written an new post on the latest with my skin, so that will be posted later this week. Keep your eye out for that, will be called skin health 3. :)

      • HM

        I have struggled with this type of thing for 2 years! I was visiting an acupuncturist for something else and she said she saw this in people who eat a lot of mangos. I never eat mangos. She was talking to a friend and the friend thought it was my gallbladder having issues with nut oils. I look up foods in the mango family, sure enough, several nuts I regularly eat are in there. For the last week I have been drinking dandelion tea to clean my liver and gallbladder and not eating any nuts. Sure enough, its gone from bright red that can’t be covered with make up to pink. For the first time I am not mortified to be in public!
        Side note: I also saw a slight improve,eat several months ago when I stopped having flouride toothpaste (luckily it’s not in my water)


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