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Workplace Wellness Seminars


Creating Happy, Healthy & Productive Team Members Is Good For The Bottom Line Of Any Business


Companies are becoming aware of the importance of having happy and healthy staff. Not only are they more productive with less sick days occurring, but the entire workplace becomes a more positive place to be in. Unfortunately the companies who place an emphasis on this are still in the minority, so I am on a mission to help spread the message on how to build a healthy workplace environment and the benefits it brings.


There are a range of topics that I can discuss with your staff. One of the best places to start is to keep it simple and I teach this through an initial 30-45 minute seminar about the dangers of sitting and not moving your body. I can discuss with your staff some simple methods on how they can bring move movement into their days.

Why Do We Need To Move More?


Studies today are showing that sitting for longer that 6 hours per day increases your risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and more. This is regardless of whether or not you exercise first thing in the morning.


The truth is sitting is the new smoking and it doesn’t have to be. It also doesn’t mean you as an employer have to go out and buy stand up desks for everyone (although this would be great!). Instead, your staff need to find ways to move more in their day. Talk on the phone standing up, stop sending emails to work colleagues and walk to their office instead, have walking meetings and so much more. I provide them with the tools to structure their days so they are more mobile, and explain in detail why this is so important.

Improve Productivity


Aside from creating healthier staff, you will also help them improve their mental clarity, focus and work output by giving them tools to bring more movement into their day. In these talks I will discuss what the foundational movements your body is designed to do and how they can include them into their daily work life. I teach them how to train smarter and bust a few myths about how to really lose weight and get in shape.


With a holistic and realistic approach to wellness I am about helping your staff find real and lasting health through the proper balance of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Talk durations can be tailored to specific needs and in general revolve around a 60 minute time frame, perfect for an in-house office seminar during a lunch break.

Other Topic Ideas

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Video And Online Seminars


Another option for your staff is the use of video. I can create a specific video webinar catering to your staff and their specific needs, covering any of the above topics in detail. This could be a one-time video or a 6-12 video series that guides them through a journey of wellness with online tools and email support.

Workplace Wellness Program


This is an opportunity to take your staff through a foundational wellness journey. Here they will discover the foundations of health and wellness. Everything from fitness through to nutrition and lifestyle. This is a fantastic online program to help your staff create happy, healthy and productive work and lifestyle balance.

Want To Find Out More?

If you are interested in the workplace wellness program or a staff presentation, or if you have any questions as to whether it is right for your situation, click the button to contact me.


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