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Spinach Lunch Wraps

Spinach Lunch Wraps

Spinach Wraps-2
This is really satisfying and incredibly tasty way to get more vegetables into your diet. I love how great these spinach leaves work as a wrap and how they make it really easy to get more raw vegetables into your body. When you combine in the beetroot hummus you have this incredibly nourishing vegetable dish to fuel you and power you for the day. I had a bit of chicken with this to make it a more rounded meal for my body.

Spinach Wraps

Large leaves I used spinach
Carrot sliced
Beetroot sliced
Red onion sliced
Beetroot hummus

Lay out your large spinach leaf as if its a nori sheet for sushi.
Fill it width ways with your sliced vegetables and then finish off with the beetroot hummus.
Then simply roll of the spinach to wrap up all of the vegetables.
Serve and enjoy.

Spinach Wraps-3

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