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Sweet Orange and Vanilla Homemade Body Butter

Sweet Orange and Vanilla Homemade Body Butter

In the morning before the average women leaves her house she has put over 300 different ingredients on her skin. That scares me!! You shouldn’t put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth. Everything that goes on your skin get absorbed that can put a lot of strain on your body’s detoxification systems. This is a yummy alternative and super easy to make. Sweet Orange and Vanilla Homemade Body Butter. It smells amazing and you can eat it if you want. 


Construction instructions
  1. I used equal quantities of coconut oil, apricot oil  approx 100 mls. Then I used around 50 grams of mango butter.
  2. Place them all into a pot, and let them melt on a low heat.
  3. Add your essential oils, as much as you want. I used around 10 drops of each. 
  4. Then take make really creamy you whisk. You can miss this step out, I always do, and I don’t have a electric beater. I often  use hand whisk, but electric will get a thicker cream. Beat until really creamy. 
  5. I just keep in the bathroom, occasionally it may have gotten quite soft with a hot day, if you wanted a more firmer mixture you would have less apricot oil.
I get my mango butter and oils from www.gonative.co.nz. You can make this in any flavor  you want, it just depends on your taste. My favorites are the above.



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