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My 2nd breakfast is always post workout. I am up at 6 most mornings and always eat within 30 minutes of waking some protein rich breakfast. The reason why, this Best Breakfast Bowl is perfect after my workout.   To help support your training goals you should always include some delicious starchy carbs with protein after your workout. This is quick to make and it even gives awesome recovery. Starchy carbs after workout helps your body get in the fat burning zone and helps you build that lean muscle.

  This berry coco nut is a fantastic snack, breakfast or even dessert. Do you like the name? Full of flavor and tastes so great you almost feel quite indulgent eating it. I have been having this a lot this week. Loving it and it has been a great snack. Might even have it for breakfast tomorrow.

Love this new coconut bread recipe paleo friendly.  I discovered that when you combine your baking soda with cider vinegar you get quite the powerful rising agent, so I gave it a go in this coconut bread and it has come out quite the treat.

A classic omelette, nothing beats it for a way to start your day. If you are wanting to turn your body into a fat burning machine, then breakfast is a must and protein is even more important. Try this breakfast out, and you are set to start your day off the best way possible.
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