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I love kiwifruit. These kiwifruit date and walnut muffins are easy to make. During this time of the year it is perfect to use them as kiwifruit which are nice and cheap. Rainy Sunday afternoon, so what better time to make loads of baking and freeze some. 

Cinnamon crumble cake take #3! Well, I attempted this recipe a few times already and I am glad that I have some mouths that are willing to eat even a dry cake. In the end, I perfected it and this cake really is so simple and I believe it is so tasty.

 A great recipe to whip up for a brunch or to make and freeze by the slice as a treat. Its sweet enough to even be a dessert, with some coffee or even part of a post workout meal. 

What do you make with the left over vegetable pulp from the juicer? You experiment with some muffins! These are so simple to make and I am sure you could make them with grate carrot instead of pulp. Let me know if you give it a go :)

This is such a great recipe, perfect guilt free treat! There is something about a carrot cake that makes me smile. This one will do that for sure. Grain free, sugar free, dairy free. Clean simple food that will make your body happy.    

Oh my goodness! Can't believe this tastes and looks like a real cake. ;) Very happy with this creation! I made it in a round dish but you could make it in muffin tins, bread tin, or whatever works for you. Even cookies are possible. Might give that a go next time.  

Want to have that warm feeling of porridge in the morning without the grains and dairy? This is a great way to start the day if you need that extra fuel to get going. Have a bowl of this with some extra protein on the side and away you go!

No grains, no diary, no sugar and they taste amazing. This is the perfect recipe to make plenty of. Theses are a great snack, has protein, good carbohydrates and fats. Not sure how long they will keep, but can't imagine them lasting to long.    

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