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Chicken made with garlic and lemon is like a chicken with super powers. I have a huge bag of lemons given to me, they are getting used as much as I can. Take advantage of fruits and vegetables when they are in season. If you can get some lemons, squeeze the juices, and grate some zest then freeze. You can then use lemon all year round without having to add them to your grocery bill. In New Zealand, lemons are everywhere at the moment so go talk nice to a neighbor.

A day on the boat called for something simple to eat, easy to make and satisfying. Check out these great chicken kebabs. Something about bacon and chicken that makes you want more!      

This was one of those dinners when I had no idea how it would turn out. Since it was so easy to make and really tasty, I had to share! The cold coleslaw I had in the fridge already, so this dinner took less than 5 minutes to make.  

Man I love a good steak!! There is nothing worse though than a steak that gets abused and ruined on its way to your plate. Here is a simple recipe for one of my favorite ways to serve steak. I think there is nothing better than a man that knows how to cook a good steak! So ladies make sure you train them well so when its steak night you can sit back and relax. For all the men, make sure you know how to cook a good steak!

It's amazing what you can create when you just mock something up. This has no grain, no dairy, no sugar. Good quality fats, carbohydrates and some protein. Simple, clean, definitely a real food for the whole family dam!
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