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This is a one of those quick meals, that will fill you up and make you feel all warm inside after. You can even go back for seconds, because its so good for you. Fish is great for the brain! So we all need a bit of that ;)

I love this salad/stirfry, its really comforting and so quick to warm up. A great warming part of your breakfast too if you want. Add some protein and you will dance through your day :)  

This dish can all be made ahead of time and also make plenty of each part, so you have some for lunch the next day or dinner. Wild rice is a great alternative to brown and same amount of time to cook.  

These are great dinner party nibble especially serve with some homemade yogurt or hummus dips. They are full of flavor and you can eat loads of them because they are so good for you.

This soup is so yummy and so good for you. I have managed to make a big batch and it's now stored in the freezer. Not sure how long it will last! It has also been a perfect base for curries or a great sauce over vegetables.

This is the ultimate flu, virus and allergy fighting soup. Packed full of garlic and vitamin C. If you ever feel your body getting run down or a there is a sniffle in the famil, get this soup into them straight away, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It works!

This salad is a winner, really delicious and super good for you. Recipe from Amy Woodyard Thanks for the share Amy, love it! Can't wait to give this one a whirl. It has all the goodness from the vegetables and great quality fats from the avocado, oil and seeds.