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Mince is affordable and perfect to just have in the fridge for a protein source or to whip up fast and eat straight away. It can go into so  many great dishes and carries spices and flavors so well.

The key to having fast meals is to have your house ready. So this is made from some shredded chicken I froze over the weekend. When you take that time each week to get prepared, you can always be ready for fast meals which means you avoid those weak moments.

This is a one of those quick meals, that will fill you up and make you feel all warm inside after. You can even go back for seconds, because its so good for you. Fish is great for the brain! So we all need a bit of that ;)

I love this salad/stirfry, its really comforting and so quick to warm up. A great warming part of your breakfast too if you want. Add some protein and you will dance through your day :)  

This dish can all be made ahead of time and also make plenty of each part, so you have some for lunch the next day or dinner. Wild rice is a great alternative to brown and same amount of time to cook.  

These are great dinner party nibble especially serve with some homemade yogurt or hummus dips. They are full of flavor and you can eat loads of them because they are so good for you.

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