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A Few days in Golden Bay meant we were lucky enough to get some whitebait. These whitebait fritters are so simple to make and so tasty. Served with some lemon made this an amazing lunch.

My 2nd breakfast is always post workout. I am up at 6 most mornings and always eat within 30 minutes of waking some protein rich breakfast. The reason why, this Best Breakfast Bowl is perfect after my workout.   To help support your training goals you should always include some delicious starchy carbs with protein after your workout. This is quick to make and it even gives awesome recovery. Starchy carbs after workout helps your body get in the fat burning zone and helps you build that lean muscle.

This orange and lemon grass pork stir fry was a bit of a guess and hope it turns out okay for a kind of dinner. I basically just threw some flavours into the pan while the pork is cooking. You can play around with quantities and make it work for you. You could also make it a little more sweeter if you really wanted with either honey or coconut nectar. I liked it just as is. Tasted really fresh and vibrant. Perfect for a spring dinner.

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