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This was one of those dinners when I had no idea how it would turn out. Since it was so easy to make and really tasty, I had to share! The cold coleslaw I had in the fridge already, so this dinner took less than 5 minutes to make.  

Not sure if this is a recipe or not. May even taste weird to others. However, I am slightly addicted to this at the moment as a mid afternoon snack, so thought I would share. Came about because I had some grated carrot and cabbage sitting in the container in our fridge and my boiled egg. So I put it together with a dab of coconut cream, salt and pepper. Then before I knew it I was licking the bowl!

I love this salad/stirfry, its really comforting and so quick to warm up. A great warming part of your breakfast too if you want. Add some protein and you will dance through your day :)