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These are great dinner party nibble especially serve with some homemade yogurt or hummus dips. They are full of flavor and you can eat loads of them because they are so good for you.

Not your ordinary rice salad. This is the perfect dish to take as a plate and impress! Perfect compliment to almost anything. I use this dish as a go to for BBQs. Super colourful and all raw ingredients, so packed full of power and nutrients to get you ForeverFit!    

Whats for dinner tonight?

Recipe from Sarah Urbanak Murdoch Really does look so tasty, and full of goodness, think I might have to try these tonight, thanks for the share! Check out that tomato topping, and the colors. You know the more colorful the dish, the more nutrients. This one is a winner. Super easy to make, so give it ago with me.

Check out this colourful creation!

Recipe from Sarah Urbanak Murdoch. Thank you so much for sharing, I can't wait to give these ago. The more colourful your dish, you know the more vitamins and minerals you are getting you this one is not only stuffed mushrooms, but stuffed full of nutritious delicious health and vitality!

All you need is a blender to make this vegetable rice. This recipe is fantastic because sometimes you just want a big bowl of stir fry without the sluggish rice and this is a great substitute.   1/2 Cauliflower/broccoli 1 whole onion 2-3 gloves of Garlic Extra virgin olive oil