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A Few days in Golden Bay meant we were lucky enough to get some whitebait. These whitebait fritters are so simple to make and so tasty. Served with some lemon made this an amazing lunch.

One of the best snacks you can take to a BBQ is something that contains protein and good quality fats. When you consume crackers and chips, you just crave for even more of it that you end up over eating and over drinking. However, if you take nibbles that are protein rich it balances out your blood sugar level and stops you from over eating. Alcohol is a carbohydrate so consume protein and fats to keep yourself in check. Along with lots of water.

 This gluten free cinnamon cookies recipe is a fantastic base biscuit recipe. You can use it as a plain biscuit or jazz it up with this cinnamon topping. So easy to make, fast to cook and they freeze really well that you can make in bulk and not have to eat them all at once.

I saw in the supermarket the other day some ground flax seed so I thought of buying it and see what I could have for it. This Gluten Free Ginger Slice is my first creation using it. I'm sure this would turn out okay without it but it did turn out amazing with it, so not sure.