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These are great dinner party nibble especially serve with some homemade yogurt or hummus dips. They are full of flavor and you can eat loads of them because they are so good for you.

These  gems were wee experiment and I was so happy with how they turned out. The key is organic delicious sweet carrots! Sometimes you can purchase carrrots and they taste a little bitter so be sure to good some good quality ones if you haven't got any in the garden.  

The super seed! These guys are so good for you! Add them into your day to improve digestion, energy and help naturally cleanse your body. With 5 times the amount of calcium than milk, you know you are eating a super food!

This is the ultimate flu, virus and allergy fighting soup. Packed full of garlic and vitamin C. If you ever feel your body getting run down or a there is a sniffle in the famil, get this soup into them straight away, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It works!

The Ultimate Recharge Juice.

Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables naturally detox you and give you energy. The more vegetables you eat the better you will feel.  That's why they should be a part of every meal you have. Why not start including some juices into your routine to get some variety.

This salad is a winner, really delicious and super good for you. Recipe from Amy Woodyard Thanks for the share Amy, love it! Can't wait to give this one a whirl. It has all the goodness from the vegetables and great quality fats from the avocado, oil and seeds.

Check this beauty out. Got a bit creative and wasn't quite sure what to call it.  It could be made thinner and it would be a wrap. It can also be thicker and its a frittata or omelette. Super easy to make with all the goodness to fuel your body.

Clean Eating ForeverFit Chocolate Fudge So happy with how this turned out! It's a stunner, tastes unreal, gluten free, dairy free and no sugar or flour in sight. No baking at all!! I am keeping this in the freezer so I can just whip it out anytime I feel like it. Check out how easy it is to make.

Check out these Pancakes

Recipe from Tamara HumePacked full of protein and no gluten or dairy in sight! Love it. Thanks so much for sharing! Perfect way to treat yourself, or have on a daily basis and be guilt free and healthy.

Check out these Spring Rolls

Recipe from Sarah Urbanak MurdochThese look fantastic to take as a plate. Might have to try these next time its Potluck dinner time! Thanks Sarah for the share. These just look so fresh and full of goodness, you know how good you are going to feel after eating them. Super easy to make so don't be scared!

Check out these amazing cookies

Recipe from Sarah Urbanak Murdoch. Thank you so much for sharing, I can't wait to give these ago. These look like they will be delicious and oh so nutritious! Think they will be created in the kitchen this weekend.

Check out these amazing Nori Rolls

Recipe from Sarah Urbanak Murdoch. Thank you so much for sharing, I can't wait to give these ago. Fair to say this picture explains how good these will be! Imagine what your guests will say when you whip these up.

This one is truly a winner. Whip it up but just for fun don't tell your partner or lucky recipient whats in it until they are finished! They will surely lick the bowl and be blown away! YUM!!! Have surprised a few people with this one.