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The Power Of Essential Oils

The Power Of Essential Oils

The power of essential oils

In September we had Rachael from Cherish oils come to share with us all about the amazing power essential oils can have on our health. She shared her story and showed us ways in which we can use oils in our everyday life to help with general wellbeing.

Ever since I learned about the amazing power essentail oils can have on our health, I havn’t looked back. From using them in my diffuser each day, to making my own skincare and perfumes. Not to mention some good old lavender to help me unwind and chill out at the end of the day.

There are also oils that you can use within food and to finish the night all choose a oil to pop into our smoothie. Mine was some ginger and it gave my smoothie a extra kick which I loved!

The smoothie I shared on the night was this recipe here. Its something I have been having every morning for the past few weeks because this is whats in season and it makes me feel fantastic!




What Is The Smoothie Club?

The Smoothie Club was born out of a need to connect up humans in real life to talk about all things health & nutrition, over a delicious smoothie. The goal is to cut through the crap and get down to real truthful information, to counter the barrage of well hidden health product advertising that you’re probably fed daily via social media and other avenues.

I want to help you on your wellness journey and for you to not feel alone, so come along and join us. We either do a workshop (eg how to make nut milks), or hear from an inspirational speaker (natural medicine gurus, fitness experts etc) in the health industry. We have been known to watch a Ted talk together and discuss it. We try out and debate different superfoods and enjoy a smoothie at the end with a Q & A session.

If you are keen to join us for our next smoothie club get together, check out the dates and be sure to RSVP. Can’t wait to met you in person!



  • Christine Dodd

    Interesting that you use essential oil to take internally


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