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The Things People Say They Regret And How To Avoid Them

The Things People Say They Regret And How To Avoid Them


As the end of year looms and another one begins, we often think about things we could have done differently. Maybe your marriage ended and you wished you had put in the energy to save it. Perhaps you didn’t work hard enough to reach a career goal, let someone down or didn’t take any risks.

Regretting things can eat away at you and impact how you live the rest of your life. But what if you didn’t have long to live? Do want to spend those last days and hours wishing you hadn’t made those mistakes or had of done something differently?

We never know when our last day will be, but before you come to the end of your journey why not start living as if any moment could be your last? Think about where you are in your life and what you could be doing differently that won’t leave you experiencing regret.

To ensure you don’t live with regrets, I want to share 20 things dying people say they wish they could change and live differently.

1. Go travelling – many wish they had explored places when they had the opportunity to.

2. End an unhealthy relationship – leaving someone can be incredibly difficult, but if it’s a bad relationship beyond repair, leaving may be the best thing you did for you.

3. Quit your job if you hate it – we spend so much of our lives working. Why waste precious moments in a job you hate?

4. Learn a language – speaking another language brings so much joy and will help you when you travel to all those places.

5. Do things you’re fearful of – fear can be controlling and hold us back from achieving a lot of things in life, but it doesn’t have to.

6. Stay in shape – as you get older, you’ll realise just how important looking after your body is to all aspects of your life.

7. Say I love you – tell people how you feel without an ounce of fear.

8. Listen to your parents – they’re older and wiser thanks to the years of experience they have on you.

9. Let it go – being unable to forgive and move on will end up eating away at you.

10. Stay true to yourself – be proud of what you believe and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.

11. Volunteer – giving back not only benefits others, but will also enrich your own life.

12. Brush your teeth – you’ll thank yourself when old age kicks in.

13. Learn how to cook – even if you can master only one meal, at least you can experience the happiness cooking for others brings.

14. Spend more time with your kids – your kids are a blessing so honour that.

15. Spend more time with your grandparents – soak up their knowledge before it’s too late.

16. Pull your head out – the world doesn’t revolve around you.

17. See you favourite artist when you can – enjoy the music, art, theatre while your favourite artist is in their peak form.

18. Wear sunscreen – we can live without wrinkles, discolouration and sunspots.

19. Stress less – worrying doesn’t lead to change, being proactive does.

20. Be thankful – be grateful for what you have, rather than waste time focusing on the things you don’t.

As you start thinking about the new year, think about this list as a motivator to start living life without regrets.