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Tips For Dealing With Stress Following An Earthquake

Tips For Dealing With Stress Following An Earthquake


New Zealand has just been hit with a earthquake and with many of my online gym members based down in the South Island I wanted to provide some tips on helping them get through this stressful time.

When something like an earthquake hits us all we can think about is the potential of another one coming and this worry can take over your life and make things worse. As hard as it is and as easy as it is for me to say, the key is that you try and focus on other things and bring some normality back into your day as soon as you can.


Eat Normally
When an earthquake hits, not only will it disrupt your sleep, but also your eating habits due to the high amounts of cortisol pumping through your body. So as soon as you can, try and find some routine again with your eating and provide the body with the nutrients to deal with this added anxiety and disrupted routine.


When we get stressed we breathe high into our chest and shoulders, this activates our sympathetic nervous system which is your flight or fight response. This type of breathing elevates our stress hormones. So find some moments where you breath deep into your belly. Focus on deep slow breathes. Count 1, 2, 3, 4 as you breath in and 1, 2, 3, 4 and breathe out. Focus on watching your belly lift and fall and breathing slow and deep. Try a meditation to help more with this.


Talking To People
Don’t stay isolated, call someone, find your neighbours, check they are ok. Call your family or friends and share your thoughts with them. Talking about the things helps to reduce your worrying


Get Active
If you can, take your mind off the stress by getting active. Physical exercise can be great to reduce stress and tension. If you are regularly working out, continue to do this today as this will help you get through this time and take your mind off things.


Do What You Love
Find time to keep doing the things you really enjoy. Focus on the things that bring joy to your day and find time to make them happen as much as you can.


Write things down
In times like this its important to bring your awareness to things you are grateful for. Get some pen and paper and write things down. Get them out of your head and put it on paper. Appreciating even the littlest of things can do wonders for your mindset.


Catch up on the lost sleep and aim to get a good quality night sleep tonight. Use things like meditation or music to help slow your thoughts down and help you fall asleep. Stay of devices and head to bed early.


The key is that you keep yourself safe and as soon as you can bring some anchor points back into your day to help you find some balance again.


If you have been through an earthquake and have some tips on how you dealt with it, please share. Comment below, you never know who you might be helping out. :)



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