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Tips For Maintaining a Real Food Kitchen

Tips For Maintaining a Real Food Kitchen

Tips for maintaining a real food kitchen
If you are trying to create a healthier lifestyle and getting rid of your bad habits, then maintaining a real food kitchen is essential. But we all know that can be a little daunting. Not only does it feel like an expensive ordeal, it can also appear to be overly time consuming and require a great deal of discipline. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case.


Maintaining a real food kitchen simply means you focus on stocking up your pantry and fridge with whole, natural, fresh produce. Sure it requires organisation to begin with, but once you find your groove you will see how easy it is and in the process you will learn to really love food and spending time in your kitchen. Follow these tips and you will soon see why I am so passionate about creating a whole food kitchen.


Clean out your kitchen
A cluttered, disorganised kitchen can be totally overwhelming and can lead to a load of waste as things get lost or kept poorly. Start by creating space within your pantry and fridge and have designated areas to store similar items together. Toss out any food that has reached its expiry date or that is not in your whole food diet plan. Slowly start transferring loose items like nuts and seeds into glass mason jars or containers that are correctly labelled. This will help you create space and make it easy to navigate, not to mention how nice your kitchen will start looking!


Set a weekly food budget
Regardless of your financial status, everyone has restrictions when it comes to grocery shopping. It is worth sitting down and working out a weekly or monthly budget to ensure that what you want to purchase is within your means. If you are feeling stretched, start getting a little creative. Head to the farmers market and ask for the seconds, stock up on meats that you can freeze when they are on sale, start growing your own food or joining a community vegie patch and swap vegetables.



Don’t follow the trends
Superfoods are all the rage and people in the healthy eating community are great at creating a buzz around a specific ingredient. While goji berries and bee pollen taste amazing, it can get a little costly when you stock up on every food that’s en vogue. Stick with whole, fresh local in season produce that you know you will cook with and that the family enjoy before you spend up on the latest superfood.



Buy in bulk
If you purchase in bulk, you not only save money in the long run, but you also ensure you have stables on hand ready to make a wholesome meal. Just make sure you store them correctly so that don’t get spoiled and go to waste.



Plan, plan, plan
I really recommend spending an hour or so one day a week planning a weekly menu, writing a shopping list, hitting the markets or shops and then cooking up some of your produce. Make a batch of quinoa or roasted vegetables that are easy to throw into a salad or make a soup or slow cook for a dinner when you just have no energy to be in the kitchen.



Cook for more
When you are cooking a meal always double the quantity to have another healthy meal the next day or for dinner one night later in the week. Just try not to be tempted to eat seconds and devour all of it in one sitting! Instead serve up the second serving and put it straight in the freezer for another night.



Get inspired
It’s very easy to stick with what you know and make up the same meals every week. This can often lead to boredom and disinterest making it easier to create excuses to fall off the wagon. Get online and search on blogs, Pinterest and healthy websites for healthy foodie inspiration. Recipe swap with your friends and take a leap of faith to try something new.



Maintaining a real food kitchen is not just about stocking up your pantry and fridge with healthy, fresh food. It is about being organised and enjoying what you are cooking for your friends and family. We need to start being more connected with our food and loving the process of feeding our bodies with tasty produce. When you get your mojo on in the kitchen, sustaining a healthy diet will just be a natural part of your lifestyle.


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