To wine or not to wine? Wine pros and cons.

To wine or not to wine? Wine pros and cons.

To wine or not to wine? Wine pros and cons.

To wine or not to wine? Wine pros and cons.

So life is conflicting, you read something and it says avoid alcohol, I even wrote that in my sleep section, and yes I do agree to some degree because when I drink white wine, or more than 2 glasses of wine I have the worst sleep and wake up with hot flushes and I can wake up being sooooo hung over from just one small glass or even sip of white wine.

Something else I have discovered is that whenever I drink white wine and some other form of alcohol (other than red) that effects my sleep, the next day not only do I feel like I am hung over, but I also feel low and sluggish, and very unmotivated. However all this changes when I drink a small glass of red wine? Go figure.


For some reason red wine just works for me, not only do I feel like I am filling my body with antioxidants, I actually think it does, I get an amazing sleep and I am so motivated to achieve everything the next day. I find that whenever I eat well and exercise well red wine just sits right. Don’t get me wrong a glass of white wine every now and then and bubbles go down well also, but I really do notice the difference.

I love for you to try and let me know if I am alone of this, because I find the difference so amazing, that I just try and avoid white wine now. Red wine all the way :)

Its still not clear in science why red wine would have much more benefits than white wine, beer or spirits but there is facts as to why red wine can have benefits. So you can be the judge. Your body soon tells you if something is good or not, and if you wake up feeling fantastic…..well it may be good. (just 1-2 glasses though and not every night, on special occasions and in moderation)

Here are some of the benefits of red wine that may explain why I feel so good drinking it.

Red wine in moderation helps prevent heart desease. Full of antioxidants that help increase good cholesteroal and protect against artery damage.

Resveratrol is the key antioxidant well known in red wine that helps prevent damage to blood vessels, reduces “bad” cholesterol and prevents blood clots.

Antioxidants help prevent aging.

Antioxidants help prevent cancer and disease

Red wine is drunk by italians! Italians are well known for being happy, healthy and full of life….and after all that’s what its all about.

So next time you have a wine with dinner take notice of how you feel when you wake up from white wine, verses red wine…beat you notice a difference!

Let me know your thoughts would love to hear from you.



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