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Why Triathlons And Where To Start With Triathlon Training?

Why Triathlons And Where To Start With Triathlon Training?

run, bike, swim - triathlon conceptI did my first triathlon back in high school and to be honest I can’t actually remember if I enjoyed it or not. One thing I didn’t enjoy was the swimming, I can swim and I wasn’t too bad at it in high school, even won a few races but I learnt I prefer to sunbath out of the water and would rather be out of the water than in it. So I had a few years while I was studing in Dunedin competing in multi sports and duathlons, (anything without swimming) and I simply LOVED it, I got into trial running and adventure races and enjoyed getting out and about competing.  I then put this sort of training in the back burner while my career and study overtook, but always wondered if I would get back into again or not. So why am I getting into it all again now?

Because life is about participation!

Triathlons are a great opportunity to challenge your fitness. Mentally and physically. You can take it seriously, or you can have a fabulous day out and get involved and celebrate this health and fitness you have with a team. If you just love one discipline and not the others its a great opportunity to get a team together. To often people are training to lose weight and are constantly obsessing over the scales. To me your goals need to be bigger than this, its about real health, taking charge of your Life and participating 100% in it. This is why the Sovereign Tri Series are such a great opportunity to do so. How much fun would it be with a team and doing the fun distances. Celebrate with a BBQ afterwards for all your awesome efforts. Its a great thing to be aiming for and to motivate you to keep you fit and strong. This is what I want to see people doing, not only will they lose weight in the process, but gain confidence and gain support with those around them training for the same reason. Plus improve their entire health and wellbeing. Plus what a great opportunity to meet new people and to get involved with your community.


So where do you start??

I firmly believe anyone can do a triathlon, even if you are incredibly unfit right now and havn’t run in years. All it takes is a commitment, patience and willpower. A willingness to participate and make your health and fitness a priority. Once you make this a priority the training will come easy.  Once you know what race and or discipline you are going to do, get the appropriate program to match from the online gym and now plan your week. Set aside appointments in your diary as if it was a meeting with your boss.


Find Your Goals

Its important to know why you want to get fit and participate in this triathlon, maybe its to be a part of a team, maybe its weightloss, maybe its the challenge. Write down what your goals and be clear about how you are going to achieve them.


Build A Base

Like a mentioned above, to me these events are about a celebration and participation. So many people train hard all year for no events or goals. I want you to use these as a celebration of the fitness you have got. If you are started from scratch then this is the perfect thing to be aiming for, however its not about going hard and fast and cramming in as much training as you can because you only have 4 weeks till race day. This is how injuries happen. I want you to build incredible real health and fitness so these races are a stepping stone on your journey to optimal health. They are a celebration of how far you have come. So the very important first step is understanding where you are at right now. We can’t expect our body to go out and run 10k tomorrow if we have been sitting at a desk for the last year 8 hours + per day. We need to get our joints used to these new stresses and our muscles time to strengthen. Joints and ligaments take up to 10x longer to develop, so you need to give them time.  So we build a base. A simple walk/run routine is the best place to start.


Strength And Mobility

Apart from building up fitness and endurance you need to also ensure you are building strength within the primal movement patterns of the body. Along with developing strength in the muscles required for good running, bike and swimming form. A good training program combines strength with your endurance and speed training and an even better program will add in mobility and yoga work also to help improve posture, build energy and improve balance.


Give It A Go

If you are starting from scratch and you have zero fitness or strength right now, in 12 weeks time you can be ready to give one a go. Its about commitment and setting yourself the challenge. I will provide you with the tools on how to get there. You just need to decide whether or not you want to be celebrating your health and fitness in 12 weeks time or not. So give the Sovereign Tri Series a go.

Sovereign is about helping you take charge of your life, so what better way then by getting involved in the Tri Series!

Check out the programs here now if you are ready to take charge and give it a go!


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