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Wellness Tips To Stay Healthy During Long Workdays

Wellness Tips To Stay Healthy During Long Workdays

You may have heard the saying ‘sitting is the new smoking’. It’s gaining traction as recent studies suggest sitting for extended periods of time negatively affects your health. Couple sitting with long workdays and staying fit and healthy can be a challenge.

After a long day in the office chances are you don’t won’t to hit the gym for a gruelling session. When you’re stuck in front of the computer feeling stressed, you may be craving coffee and sweets rather than a healthy salad. You’re not alone. It’s a common scenario for people’s wellbeing to be compromised while working in an office or enduring long work days.

You can change that. With a few simple lifestyle changes you can promote wellness and use your workplace to benefit your own health.


1. Start your day with a nourishing breakfast
If you always find yourself grabbing a muffin with your morning coffee, it’s a good sign you didn’t have a wholesome breakfast. Starting your day with a nourishing meal will give you plenty of energy for the first half of the day and keep you feeling full for much longer.


2. Get into mini workouts
Mini workouts are a great way to make sure you do squeeze in an exercise session even if you’re stuck at the office late. There are plenty of workouts under 20mins in the online gym that require little space and next to no equipment. This makes them ideal for a session in the park, on the rooftop or even in a meeting room.


3. Break your day up with a walk outside
Connecting to nature has many benefits including improved cognitive function, helping fight depression, reducing stress and increasing social connection. Instead of eating lunch at your desk, go outside and have a walk around a park or the beach and then eat. Getting some fresh air into your lungs will nourish your body and mind.


4. Curb your sugar habit
Workplaces are notorious for having excess sugar laying around. From the office cookie jar to the soft drink vending machine or even the cafe with freshly made cakes and muffins, everywhere you look sugar is in abundance. When you’re stressed, under pressure or feeling down, sugary foods is what your body will crave. Time to curb your sugar habit by stocking up on plenty of healthy snacks. Nuts, veggie sticks, hard boiled eggs, protein balls are all great things to have on hand when you get the munchies.


5. Get moving as much as you can
Sitting at your desk all day is terrible for your posture, joints and digestion, as well as your mind. Instead of remaining sedentary, get moving. Shift between a stand up and a sit-down desk while working. Walk to talk to your boss’ office rather than sending an email. Take the stairs rather than the lift and be the crazy looking colleague who does stretches every couple of hours. Our bodies are designed to move, so move it!


6. Practice mindfulness
Working long hours is taxing and stressful, regardless of your job title or industry. Taking time out each day to check in and connect with yourself will have such a positive impact on your wellbeing. For you it might be a 30-minute meditation or a gentle walk outside. For others, it might be some colouring in, simple breathing practice or laying down and resting the eyelids in a park. Whatever it is that allows you to look inwards and let everything go, do it regularly.


7. Pin up a vision board
Too often I hear people spending obscene hours in a job they don’t love only to feel they’re living on auto pilot. They’ve lost the zest for life and feel they’re not going anywhere and wishing they were somewhere else. Setting goals and spending time to discover what you want to get out of life is important and its a great way to bring appreciation back into your current job. A vision board is a great way to translate these ideas, goals and inspirations into something you can look at regularly. This can help keep you motivated and remind you what you are striving for and how your current job helps you achieve that. This will then in turn help you find things about your job to be passionate about and in turn be able to apply passion and purpose to them.


Looking after your own wellbeing improves your performance whether you’re a staff member, a CEO or a business owner. You’ll be happier in your workplace, feel healthier and your mindset will maintain positivity. Sure, you might be spending one hour a day less at your desk, but you’ll be a whole lot more productive and more pleasant to be around. A happy, healthy and well connected employee is a great employee!


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