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What Excuse Is Getting In The Way Of Your Yoga Practice?

What Excuse Is Getting In The Way Of Your Yoga Practice?

What excuse is getting in the way of your yoga practice
I hear so many people saying they love yoga, but just can’t get into the practice for one excuse or another. It’s a shame really because yoga can do so much for not only your body and your health, but regular practice will also have a pretty profound impact on all other aspects of your life including emotions, relationships and confidence.

Don’t worry, I used to have a few excuses too and still do to this day. We all have commitments, time restraints, fears and possibly doubts that hold us back. But a time comes when you have to overcome these obstacles and stop making the excuses to accomplish your goals or simply put more focus on you rather than your job or everyone else. Sometimes that means doing it on days when you really can’t be bothered and squeezing even just 10 minutes in on your most busiest day.

So what excuse is getting in the way of your yoga practice? Here are some common excuses I hear and use myself with some tips to overcome them.


1. I don’t have time
If I could have 20 cents for every time some said ‘I don’t have time to do yoga’ I would be a wealthy woman! As life becomes a little manic, it is so important to make a little time in that crazy schedule of yours to do something for yourself. Fitting in a yoga practice will help you achieve more in your limited time than you might think. It helps you sleep better, improves concentration and can create more focus.

Tip: Make your practice a priority and schedule it in like you would any other appointment. Even do a short 10 minute practice when you are really stretched for time. Here is one you could try and its free!


2. I’m not flexible enough
Super flexible yogis flooding your Instagram feed or in the latest Lululemon catalogue can be pretty intimidating. Believe me, those bendy yoga lovers have practiced for a long time and regularly. They too, might just have been feeling the similar stretch and limitations when they first started out. Just remember its about you. Yoga shouldn’t be about comparing yourself to others.

Tip: The more yoga you practice the more bendy your body will get. Set goals for yourself to measure your improvement. Perhaps starting out your goal is to touch your toes in a Forward Fold. Then keep an eye on your progression until you reach them and then set a new challenge!


3. Yoga studios intimate me
It can be daunting for a beginner to enter a yoga class for the first time. You are probably wondering if people are watching you, critiquing your poses or checking out your yoga gear (or lack thereof!). That’s not the case and you will quickly realise the yoga community is very welcoming and excepting. Plus you will come across people of all levels in the one class making it not so intimating!

Tip: If you can’t get over taking the leap to go into a studio for your yoga practice, take advantage of our online sessions where you can relax and do your yoga in the comfort of your living room and at your pace.


4. I have injuries I’m wary of
The beauty about yoga is that there are so many styles that are designed to nourish the body and elevate pain relating to injuries or illness. You might just find after some regular yoga practice, your pain is reduced and your body begins to heal itself.

Tip: Always speak to your medical professional before engaging in any exercise post injury or illness. Ensure your yoga teacher also knows of your injury to advice you and make sure your poses are correctly carried out.


5. I’m too old
You are never too old to start practicing yoga so stop using that excuse. In fact you are never too young! Yoga is intended for people of all walks of life. Sure there may be limitations and you may find it takes your body a little longer to get into the groove of the practice, but that certainly shouldn’t stop you from hitting the mat. Yoga will help your balance, the health of your joints, your posture, your hormones and stress as well as make you feel a little younger!

Tip: Stay slow and focus on your alignment during each pose to ensure your joints, ligaments and muscles are taken care of throughout the practice.


As you are reading this you might be nodding your head saying to yourself ‘I’ve had that excuse’ and perhaps even laughing at how silly they sound. Excuses, doubts and fears are what limits us. If you have ever considered practicing yoga, now’s the time to stop making these excuses and give it a go. Just nurture your body and give it time for your mind and body to adjust and for you to see the real benefits of regular yoga practice!

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