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What Is Stress?

What Is Stress?

Stress is something that our bodies are designed to be able to handle. However the problem lies when you expose your body to more stress than it is designed to cope with. Different things can affect how well your body adapts to certain stresses and how you react may be quite different to how your brother, friend or workmate copes with a similar stress level. Genetic disposition, history, diet, lifestyle and recovery have a huge impact on how well your body handles certain stresses.

So what is stress??

A physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation.

When a body becomes stressed it releases hormones to adapt, an over production of certain hormones can alter your bodies equilibrium and basically burn out its ability to adapt to stress and deal with it. It doesn’t matter where that stress is coming from, our body is a system of system and no matter what is causing your body to be stressed there is only so much stress your body can handle until it can no longer handle it any more and the start of illness and autoimmune conditions develop.

Stress can come from all angles

  • Chemical/biochemical/physiological
  • Hidden internal distress and malfunction
  • Too much sugar and processed foods
  • Wrong diet for your metabolic type
  • Consuming inflammatory foods
  • Food additives, pesticides, herbicides
  • Drugs, alcohol, caffiene
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Chronic cardio and over exercising
  • Chemicals, metals radiation, EMFs
  • Allergies over acitve immune system
  • Exogenous hormones and anti biotics
  • Parasites, bacteria, fungi and viruses

Epinephrine (adrenalin)

When our body is stressed it produces Epinephrine (adrenaline) this is the fight or flight response that our body is designed to do. When adrenaline is produced our body conserves energy away from non survival activities and prepares the body to be able to handle stressful situation. So blood flow gets pumped to skeletal and muscular system and away from digestive system and brian function. An over exposure to high levels of that stress ultimately affects the optimal function of gut health and brain function. This is really clear in those that suffer from adrenal fatigue they will complain of symptoms like brain fog, inability to concentrate, word mixing, dizziness, wreck less behavior. Then often what goes hand in hand with this is problem is digestion and malabsorption issues because a stressed body isn’t going to be able to digest food properly. This is why eating when you are angry or eating on the run can have a impact on how well your body digests food. You need to sit down to eat to allow your body to slow down so that it can digest food properly.

What is Cortisol??

Cortisol is a hormone that plays a powerful role in our day and our energy levels. When cortisol is working well, it is naturally elevated in the morning when the sun comes up, and as the day goes down so to does our cortisol levels. There is a natural rhythm to it in our day. Its plays and incredibly powerful role in our bodies and it is a naturally anti-inflammatory and pain killer. You will notice this when you have an injury, often the pain will subside when cortisol levels are naturally up, then when cortisol is low which is when you sleep, you may find the pain of injury is greater.

Impact of High Cortisol

Cortisol also plays a huge role in the way your body burns fat, protein and carbohydrates. So having a good natural cortisol balance in your day is crucial for finding that real health you are after. If you have high cortisol levels due to poor diet, eating wrong for your metabolic type, inflammatory foods, poor lifestyle and sleep patterns or elevated levels of adrenaline, then cortisol can affect your weight, increase insulin, increase cravings and appetite, increase inflammation, decrease sleep quality, decrease libido, decrease muscle mass and increase body fat.

Impact of Low Cortisol

Just as high levels of cortisol can affect your health so to can low levels. Signs and symptoms of low levels of natural cortisol levels are shakiness, sleep issues, blood sugar fluctuations, sugar cravings and needing to constantly eat, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, cold body temperature, stressed out feelings, and a sense of depression.

Our aim is to find the balance in our lives to achieve optimal wellness we need proper functioning cortisol levels and adrenals thats aren’t burnt out. Like I mentioned above our body is designed to handle some stress, certain stresses make us stronger and are good for us. However constant stress whether it is emotional, environmental or physical are not good. Our body works in rhythms and has a natural rhythm with hormone production, the more you mess with that natural rhythm the more you are going to affect your well being.

Every thing you physically do plays an impact on your stress levels, just as everything you eat and how you run your lifestyle. This is why foreverfit is about helping you achieve real health. Giving you the tools to heal your body from the inside out and help you achieve real health by learning what foods work for your body, learning how to exercise correctly and how to balance your week to get the correct stress responses and not over doing it. Giving you the recipe for success.

If you are serious about getting results, get into the online gym and do the fine tune your nutrition questionnaire. Learn why you are feeling the way you are and get the education as to how you can change it.