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Why I Developed A Wellness Philosophy

Why I Developed A Wellness Philosophy

I used to get really frustrated when people assumed something of me, or put my food choices into a box or thought I was following some weird trend. This used to really grate me and it was things like this that has lead me to develop a synced and clear philosophy that I want to share.

You see I don’t follow diets and I choose to eat what I do, because it makes me thrive. Not because of some fad diet or because I heard it was the latest thing. Certain foods can cause me to feel like a ton of bricks while others energize me. I make food choices around foods that help my cells to thrive and around foods that are sustainable. I choose foods that help my body naturally detox and avoid foods that cause it to age faster. I choose to eat foods that reduce inflammation and avoid ones that promote it. You see the food you eat builds every cell in your body and the way I eat is about making those cells thrive.

Just as I choose this I also choose to exercise in a way that makes my body thrive. This isn’t black or white either, but I ensure I get what I need into my week to keep my body healthy and strong so I can do the things I love. Its not about extremes, but we do need to challenge our fitness but also balance that out with yoga and mobility. Exercise should be about keeping your body strong, fit and healthy so you have more energy to share each and every day.

I choose to do things that make me happy and keep me young. I choose to value my sleep and allow my body to create an energized self for the next day ahead. All these things are my choice and they are created from having a clear philosophy and this is why I have created the Wheel of Wellness. A tool to help you create real health and thrive. A tool to use to help you build wellness every day. And most of all make it a simple process.


There is so much information today that its just so confusing, so here is a way to cut through all of that and gain clarity. Explore the interactive Wheel and learn about each of the elements of wellness.

Take a look at my philosophy video and download the free PDF to start bringing more wellness into your life.