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Why It’s Natural For Disorder To Occur

Why It’s Natural For Disorder To Occur

Why its natural for disorder to occur

The other day I did the usual clean-up of my house and organised areas that had fallen victim to unsightly clutter. At the end of my clean I looked around, took a deep breath and instantly felt calm and rebalanced again.

Then we had visitors and two days later, I gazed around only to wonder what had happened to my spotless home and how had gotten so cluttered again. I’m sure there are many of you out there who have felt the same, particularly those of you who have little people under your roof.

Naturally human beings cringe at this disorder; this chaos that has taken over. We strive to keep our environment and ourselves as organised as possible so that mess doesn’t creep in.
But what if you were told that this is a natural way our lives are designed to function?


It’s natural for disorder to occur
For years, scientists have looked at life as entropic; an idea that a particular system is continually breaking up, falling apart or creating disorder. We ourselves break things down in our mind and we are constantly creating and recreating ideas. Our bodies do this also; our food is broken down the moment it enters our mouth in order to create energy, nourish our microbiome, build new cells, build our immunity and power systems within our body.

Entropy occurs in life from the grand scale to the little everyday things like when your kids leave a trail of destruction after an afternoon of playing in their room, or the effort it takes you to clean up a glass of spilled water.

Everyday things unravel, the day is turned upside down or unexpected things occur; all making it more and more difficult to hold it together so that it doesn’t all fall apart.

Really, this is one of life’s little beauties. It may not look like that at the time, but when things are spinning out of control there is an opportunity for a new path or order, a chance to do or create something different.


What are you going to do when your life is falling apart?
Do you choose to engage with the chaos, to clean it up, to rearrange it or simply leave it there?

The choice is there for you to make and if you look at in a different perspective you have more control than you think. Just stop and take a deep breath. Where are you going to direct your energy? What do you want to create, what do you want to hold together, where do you want to focus your effort and dedication?

I like to look at this as life’s movement which is interwoven in relationships, your health, your work, your emotions. It’s when you don’t engage in this movement that things start to unravel and life start to fall about. Often how we treat one area of our life we also treat other areas to.

So you can view this as a disaster, as a loss of control or you can think of it as an opportunity. This is preciously what life is about. The twists, turns and road blocks are all part of the journey and you can either choose to embrace this mayhem or not.

Mayhem and chaos eventually subside and a new rhythm is created, but there is an opportunity during this time to start a fresh page, to change direction and to find a new ‘normal’.

Life is naturally inclined to unravel. Finding yourself in a position where you believe your life is falling apart is not a bad thing. It’s the positioning of your mindset and what you make of the disorder that will be the defining moment!

A simple place to start could be by tiding your desk and notice how this creates more space and clarity. Do you find then when your desk is out of control, so to are other areas like your health and fitness, your finances, relationships?

  • Lynette Van Steinburg

    LOVE this post Nicola. I have learned over the years that if my workspace is untidy I am WAY less productive. I book time in my calendar every Friday to tidy up my desk, my computer desktop, my email inbox and my mental inbox! I also set aside time on Fridays to back up my computer files and plan the coming week. When all of this is done it’s easier for me to leave work behind and clear my mind to focus on things other than work over the weekend and when I start work on Monday morning everything is organized and ready to go. It took me nearly 20 years to realize how important this is – it’s vital to being a focussed, productive person. It’s also vital to being ready and emotionally available to deal with whatever curve ball life throws at you next.

    Great insights. Thanks for sharing.


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