Why We Need Supplements

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Why We Need Supplements

As part of the healing process and the return back to optimal health it does start with food. You have to be eating the right food for your body and this is what we will uncover with FDN lab testing and the protocols I prescribe for YOU. The thing to understand though is that the damage of the past cannot be improved with just food alone, the quality of todays food is not what it used to be.

Yes you can improve your health with just food alone, but in order to rebuild adrenals, help bring cortisol back into normality, repair gut lining, improve hormonal balance you will need the help of supplements. Supplements will provide targeted therapy and healing to help restore the normal function of cells, organs and systems.

The other thing to understand is that you need the right supplement for YOU. For your body and for your needs, a multi vitamin from the grocery store will not cut it. Just as there is a vast array of they types of quality within foods, there so to is in supplements. Supplements get marketed to us left right and centre, so to does junk food. That doesn’t mean you should use it or that it is good for you.

In order to achieve optimal health we need to provide our bodies cells with everything they need to function properly, this is where quality supplements come in. There are certain supplements out there that promise you energy and vitality, glowing skin and great bowel health. Why FDN is different however is because it is not allopathy nutrition meaning we don’t treat symptoms. The supplements that you will be taking will be to heal the root cause which will  improve and alleviate those symptoms. We know that  symptoms are merely a signal from the body telling us that something is wrong.   Instead, we focus on identifying and eliminating hidden stressors and restoring normal function to cells, organs and systems within the body.  


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