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Why You Gain Weight

Why You Gain Weight

Weighing scalesEveryone seems to think that weight gain is just simply eating too much food. The more and

more I deal with clients the more and more I discover that often the overweight person is eating just as healthy as the lean person but there is an underlying issue holding them back from achieving weight loss. We also often think that overweight people are simply over weight from eating too much food, it’s quite the opposite in most cases.

Women have been taught to restrict calories and cardio train to lean out and burn body fat, they believe if you want to be lean you have to cut calories. I mean this is the whole philosophy behind weight watches, biggest loser and the like.

Here’s the thing, there are so many different processes involved when it comes to weight gain, it has to start with eating real food. Eating foods that cause inflammation and irritation, can instantly cause your body to become inflamed and have up to 1kg of weight gain overnight!! Now that’s not body fat, that’s inflammation and water retention, however if you continue to eat those foods day after day, night after night and you combine that with poor food choices, you are not only going to affect your waist line, but your energy, joints and most importantly your hormones.

If you choose the right foods for your body and your learn how to listen to it and fuel it correctly you will begin to lose weight and get the results you are after. This then combined with the right sort of exercise that your body needs is going to help you get the results.

The other problem women have is the rush around all day and forget to eat, this can also have an impact on your blood sugar levels and low blood sugar levels can increase cortisol and lead to weight gain. So this is where eating the right foods allow you to be able to go times without food and allow your body to cope under times of pressure. Eat the wrong foods and you will spiral into cravings, blood sugar swings and energy crashes and your body will be increasing cortisol to match.

When you learn how to eat healthy and nutrient dense foods and you learn to eat when your body needs you to, instead of cravings and crashes, you will start to get the results you are after. You will start to have days where you just have consistent energy and vitality all day and you feel amazing.

Stop getting stuck in the calories game and trying to out exercise a bad diet, simply begin to eat real food. When you go to the supermarket fill your trolley with 1 ingredient foods. Avoid the packaged processed foods and start cooking clean nutrient dense foods that nourish that amazing body of yours.

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