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Why You Should Avoid This One Food

Why You Should Avoid This One Food

This one food has recently been declared by the England Journal of Medicine to be the cause of 55 diseases. This one food is also one of the most commonly consumed food across the population, we keep eating it and we keep getting fatter and sicker!

According to gluten expert Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, seven out of ten people are sensitive to gluten, the toxic protein found in most grains! 

Have you been wondering why so many people are jumping on gluten free band wagon or telling you they are gluten intolerant or even celiac? There is a reason and its not just a fad! 
This one food that I am talking about is modern wheat and in particular gluten. The thing to understand is that the gluten and wheat that was consumed over 100 years ago is different to the wheat we have today and the wheat that most probably your grandmother would have ate. In the last 50 years, modern technology and science has allowed us to genetically modify the grain to grow fast; to make them drought and heat resistant, thus, increasing crop sizes. This manipulation into the wheat plant has made the plant a much different one to what it used to be.
The wheat of the past was a fairly basic wheat and it was made up with only 14 chromosomes and had very poor pliability. Our ancestors knew this and they crushed this wheat and consumed it like porridge after soaking. This wheat of the past was called einkorn and it survived a fairly long life as the sole wheat until it was crossed with goatgrass.  This new species of wheat now had 24 chromosomes and was the most popular wheat for thousands of years. Then this wheat later got crossed with Triticum tauschii and made a 42 chromosome version of wheat. This wheat was the wheat that started to be created into breads and baking. For centuries this was unchanged and the wheat consumed by many of our ancestors.
Today wheat has changed even more! The gluten proteins that were existent in the einkorn wheat are completely different to the gluten proteins from the Triticum variety. In the past fifty years more change have been made to the genomes to allow flours and baking to provide more elastic and more aesthetic presence.
 Wheat is in everything and this wheat of today contains more destructive gluten than ever before. 

Mineral content Changed

Not only has the look at feel change so to has the mineral content. Between 1843 and the mid 1960s, the mineral content of the wheat grain included zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper. After the 1960s though this changed. The change happened with the change in the variety of the plants. With the more robust high yeild variety this meant that the mineral content decreased because of the quantity within a small space fighting for soil space. This new variety also had smaller roots so any soil that plant could reach they didn’t have enough depth to extract minerals from the soil, so the mineral content of our food also decreased! Also because of the amount of turnover the soil that these plants were trying to extract minerals from was more or less empty of them. The ancient grains had more space, longer roots and less turnover so soil was richer with minerals and the grain therefore was also.

Traditional wheat was also prepared differently, not only from a different grain but also that grain underwent a different process before humans ate it. Bread and wheat products today are treated completely differently of which is creating a completely different reaction in our bodies.

Bread Today Is Made

  • With refined, white flour 
  • Using quick rise agents like yeast.
  • On an industrial scale

Traditional Bread was made

  • Ground wheat 
  • Slow fermenting sourdough cultures and soaking
  • In the home

This is where traditionally preparing your food and why the Weston A Price foundation principles play such an important part on your health. Not only do you predigest the proteins when you ferment, if you have the right cultures you can even break down the wheat gluten to make it safe for even celiacs to consume.

So if you have been questioning whether or not you should ditch the gluten and you have been holding on to the fact that our ancestors ate it, so you should be able to ate it also. Just know that its not the same product because this product could be the culprit to why  you aren’t losing weight and it could also be the answer to those achy joints and sleepless nights.

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