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Why You Should Squat Every Day

Why You Should Squat Every Day

Sculpt Tone # 18Squats are one of those exercises that activates so many muscles, however we have simply forgotten how to squat and how to squat properly. We squat throughout our day, from getting up from a chair through to sitting in the car, however we have forgotten that a squat is actually much more than this. We are designed to get deep and get low, however because we spend so much time sitting in chairs we have lost the ability to get low, our knees have gotten creeky, our hips tight and our back stiff, so the simple act of a proper squat is impossible for so many people. The good news is you can fix this. Squat! And squat every day. Hang out down there and get into a hindu squat (low squat, butt to ground). If its uncomfortable due to tight muscles keep doing it, it will get easier. You have to keep your body mobile, you need to squat and your body is designed to get deep. Give it a go.

Benefits of a Squat

1. They work your entire lower body especially when you add weights

2. You can do them anywhere.

3. They will get you stronger

4. They will boost your endurance

5. They will improve your posture

5. They will tone up your lower body

6. They use large muscles so will increase your resting metabolic rate when done each day.

7. They will energize you when done each day.

8. You can intensify them easily and modify them easily

If you a feeling lethargic and wanting to add one new thing to your routine, try a squat. This will increase metabolism, energize you and make you feel fantastic. Not only that improve your posture and the strength of your entire body. If you don’t use it you lose it, so squat a little each and every day, you will really notice the difference.

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