Why You Should Try Dairy Free If You Are Gluten Intolerant

Why You Should Try Dairy Free If You Are Gluten Intolerant

Why You Should Try Dairy Free If You Are Gluten Intolerant

For some people when going gluten free it seems like their whole world has been shrunk and they are missing out on so many different types of food. I do agree with this to a point, however what foods are you actually missing out on and are those foods doing anything for your health?
I doubt it. For the person with this mindset, to suddenly tell them they need to cut out dairy is just too much for them. What on earth will they eat?

I don’t say these things because it’s a trend or because it’s the latest fad. I tell you these things because I truly do want you to be healthy. To me this is the first baby step on your health and wellness journey. If you can only handle gluten free to begin with, then that’s okay. However I do want to tell you why I am suggesting dairy also.

I don’t go around telling people to cut out foods just because. There are reasons to my suggestions. I also personally really want to see you healthy. Why on earth would I tell you to cut out a food supply if it was providing valuable nutrition for your body? Furthermore, why on earth would YOU continue to eat a food source if it was the reason you get allergies, colds and flus every winter? Sometimes you need someone on the outside looking in to point you in the right direction.

The reason gluten and dairy go hand in hand is because of what happens inside your digestive system at a cellular level. If you are eating foods that you are intolerant to, they cause damage to your digestive system over time. This image here shows you the healthy microvilli in the brush border of your intestinal tract (you will see these hair-like substances on top). This is where the enzymes lactase are produced that help you to breakdown the lactose in milk.

When we are young the majority of us have a pure healthy intestinal lining. Our hair-like villi are healthy and we can produce the enzymes lactase to breakdown milk. Milk is great at this time of our lives. However as we age, for some of us our digestive system goes through a lot of damage with our modern diet. Whether it is from junk foods, medications, drugs, environment, chemicals, food intolerances… all sorts of things can cause damage to your digestive tract over time.  The great thing to know is that your gut is tough, it can put up with a lot of abuse, however years of it will start to show its signs. For someone who has a gluten sensitivity and they have been consuming gluten their entire life, this is a big fight for your gut each and every day, each and every meal!

The first place to get damaged in your gut is these hair-like villi where lactase is produced. So your body is no longer able to break down the lactose in dairy, this is why if you have a gluten intolerance you more than likely have a dairy intolerance also. This can show up in many ways but the most common is sinus issues, hay fever, allergies, colds and flus and skin problems.

The great news is that you can repair your gut lining. It is one of the quickest healing areas on our body, however you can’t improve it if you keep throwing damaging foods and chemicals at it. It’s like running on a sprained ankle every day, it will never get better. You need to provide your gut with healing foods, foods that are right for your metabolic type and your own body. You need to learn to listen to your body and understand the symptoms it is throwing at you. When you repair your gut lining and you bring your digestive system back to full health, your body may be able to digest and break down lactose and enjoy good quality dairy again.

So sometimes you have to take the plunge and if you are sick of feeling the way you feel, than maybe it is time to try the next step. You don’t know what you don’t know. You may think you are healthy when you are only at 60%, but you don’t know any better.

Just imagine how great you could feel if you were actually eating foods that were right for YOU?


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