Womens Wellness Experience 2013 In Online Gym

The Womens Wellness Experience 2013 In Online Gym

The Womens Wellness Experience 2013 In Online Gym

Inside the online gym is now all videos from The Womens Wellness Experience 2013. Watch every speaker in from the comfort of your living room. Get informed, inspired and motivated!! Over 6 hours of videos from a day that truly changed lives!

The Womens Wellness Experience. This One Day Event Inspired, Informed and Educated Participants by Leading Experts from NZ and the US on how to attain and maintain true health and wellness.

The Women’s Wellness Experience took place in Mount Maunganui once again, inspired participants to be the best they can be and to educated them to take control of their health and their body in a positive and natural way. We shone the spotlight on women’s hormonal issues, nutrition, exercise and the body’s innate ability to grow, heal and adapt.


Watch The Videos Of Every Session And Every Speaker

If you missed the event, you have the opportunity now to access the videos of all the valuable content and information inside the online gym. Hear the cutting edge speakers who are leaders in their fields of Women’s Hormonal Health, Nutrition, Fitness and the Mind-Body connection. You only have one mind and one body. Your health is your greatest asset.

These videos are for you if you:

  • Feel that you’ve lost your energy and vitalism
  • Are busy and want to cut down your fitness regime to something manageable
  • Have let your weight get away on you
  • Want to learn more about getting the best out of your mind and body
  • Have fertility, hormonal or menopausal issues
  • Need some inspiration in your life

Speaker Sessions Recorded On Video

Keynote: Dr Sherill Sellman (United States)
  • Naturopath and Psychotherapist
  • Best-selling Author of Hormone Heresy – What Women Must Know About their Hormones
  • Senior Editor of TotalHealth Magazine
  • Inspiring and thought provoking public speaker
  • Check out Dr Sellman at www.whatwomenmustknow.com

Dr. Sherrill Sellman, a doctor of traditional naturopathy and Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, is a leading voice in women’s holistic health and wellness. She is internationally respected as a dynamic lecturer, authoritative writer, radio host and investigative journalist, assisting women to access truthful information and safe holistic solutions regarding the many aspects of their hormonal health and wellbeing.


Dr Martha Nessler (United States)

  • Chiropractor
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Fabulous Coach and Educator
  • Check out www. drmarthanessler.com

Dr. Martha brings her incredible energy and enthusiasm to everything she does. Hailing from Springfield, Illinois, Martha has made it her mission to inspire and educate the world about the body’s amazing innate ability to heal from the inside-out. Martha is a woman with true purpose and those who experience her message are left without doubt that they too can do what they love and enjoy great health and vitality.


Nicola Reilly, Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

  • Director of Foreverfit, Tauranga
  • Highly motivational website and blog covering fitness, nutrition and lifestyle
  • Online gym and online personal training
  • Check out Nicola at www.foreverfit.tv

“My aim as a trainer as the name ‘Foreverfit’ implies, is to give you the skills and knowledge to be utilised throughout your life to better health and well-being, as to achieve this is never a single event but a constant process and way of living.”




Watch every video from The Womens Wellness Experience 2013, plus 2012 footage. Regular webinars and educational content loaded up every week. Get informed, inspired and change your life with everything you need in the online gym!


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