11 Traits of Successful People

Whether it’s an athlete, business person or just someone you know who walks the talk and lives a great life. They generally all have similar traits, and characteristics to their days. These characteristics you could start to implement into your day and start to bring success into whatever avenue you are needing success in.

1. They don’t follow diets, they just eat good food.

Successful people don’t get caught up in the latest diet plans and regimes. They eat food that makes them feel good so that they can be productive in their days. They have things that they want to achieve and so eating rubbish food isn’t going to help them get there. They don’t obsess over calories, instead they listen to their body and give it what it requires. They find out what works for their body, what foods make them perform and what foods make them feel and look amazing.

2. They have a goal in mind and a mission ahead.

You don’t have to go far to see those that are successful and have a clear vision in mind. They work in goals and milestones and have the dates they need to achieve them by. When you break things down and have dates, it becomes very clear what needs to be achieved each day to achieve them.

3. They don’t waste time on social media.

Can you imagine Richard Branson sitting on facebook/twitter and checking out what his friends are up to?? I doubt it! Nor can you imagine an olympic athlete with a focus being allowed to use facebook. They would have strict guidelines as to how to structure their day to be in the right mindset. Now, I know you aren’t either of these people but the principle still applies. We spend so much time checking out what others are up to and letting this affect our focus and vision. Quit using facebook to stalk people and making you feel negative inside. Instead, if you wish to use facebook, use it as a means to motivate, educate and inspire you. Use it as a tool to set you up for a great day.

4. They create great days.

Routine is one of the most powerful traits I believe that successful people have. Behaviours that bring on great habits. Knowing what a perfect day looks like and start by creating a routine that sets that up.  One of the main reasons so many people fail is because they don’t have good habits and routine. They struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with time and use time as an excuse for everything.

5. They plan

A plan is crucial! Every 12 weeks I do planning. I plan what I want to achieve in those 12 weeks and then I set a plan on what each week is going to look like then what needs to be done each day. These plans get modified and changed again every 12 weeks. Then each day when I have breakfast I write down again what needs to be done today, I definitely enjoy the satisfying feeling at the end of the day or ticking those things off. Additionally, employing seo analysis tools is essential for assessing and improving the effectiveness of your website’s optimization strategies.

6. They have a team 

It’s so important to have people on your side. You own cheerleaders. Negative influences are incredibly contagious and can stump your growth. So steer clear of negative behavior and people who waste your time.

You are the average of 5 people you spend your time with!

7. They workout to make themselves better.

Successful people know that in order to have clarity of the mind and a body that is healthy, they include exercise into their life. Whatever that exercises would be, it is very dependent on the person. Some personalities will require regular Yoga, walking to bring balance into their life after a busy day, while others need to sweat up and lead out tension in other ways. Everyone is different but the common denominator is that they know the importance of it.

8. They create a lifestyle plan for their week.

Many successful people have realized that in order to keep doing what they are doing they need to create lifestyle balance. So you will see them every 12 weeks planning a short holiday away, on weekends heading to the beach, or taking Friday afternoons off to play golf and give some golf tips to rookies. Creating an ideal week is crucial so you have motivation to achieve everything that you want in your week.

9. They are up early

Now, I do know some incredibly successful business men who are up late but this has a lot to do with time zones. However, on most successful people you won’t find their time being controlled by what’s on TV. They will go to bed when they are tired and wake up accordingly. If you have routine and a healthy body, your body will naturally start to slow down as the sun goes down. So heading to bed by 9.30 would be simple. If you eat dinner late, run off sugar and caffeine, you are very unlikely to be able t fall asleep and wake up energized. So waking up in the morning ready to work would be a challenge. Find your body’s natural body clock.

10. They JFDI

If you haven’t’ read my post on this yet, then you really should. Successful people JFDI! They just #$%King do it!! When you know what you have to do and you have a plan and a vision, you JFDI. They don’t get distracted and wonder through there day. They JFDI and move on.

11. They Learn

They are constantly learning and evolving. Schooling themselves up on how to be better. I read both nutrition/wellness and business books and find out that they have so many underlying patterns. Also it’s so important to understand that you don’t know what you don’t know. You want to get evolving into a better and stronger version of yourself. So use your time wisely, listen to podcasts, and read. Watch videos online instead of rubbish TV. Think of making yourself better!

Eleven powerful steps that I have seen as a common link between business people, sports people like those that can be wagered on w88.com, and those that are out there achieving their goals and walking the talk. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is weight loss, fitness, building a life of your dreams or just creating amazing days. These principles can all be applied.

If you want a hand with mindset, and ways in which you can put these steps into action. I have got video webinars in the online gym on how to do this. Step by step approaches on how you can create days, weeks, months and years of success. Learn how to work out what foods work for your body and discover how you can ditch the diets and learn how to eat real food that works for your body!


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