How To Get In The Mood To Exercise

Here are 6 simple strategies to help you get in the right frame of mind to exercise regulary.

You know you want to get fit, healthy and start making changes. How do you switch your body from cruise mode into exercise mode, without any excuses stopping you.

The truth is we all have those days. You have the best intentions the day before and you tell yourself you are going to start tomorrow and tomorrow rolls around and you just can’t seem to make it happen. Life gets in the way and another day slips by where you haven’t managed to get that exercise in. Trust me I get it!

Here are some simple tips to help you get in the mood to exercise and make it happen. You see it’s about consistency and you can’t expect to be motivated all the time. In fact, I believe only about 20% of the time you might be motivated. The rest is dedication and commitment to your goals. By stepping towards those goals day in and day out you start to lift that motivation higher. If you want to get a boost in your energy, see this new line of testosterone supplements. If your level of testosterone causes other problems like erectile dysfunction, you may need to find a suitable ed treatment.
Don’t wait for the magic of the elusive motivation to show up every day. Just get it done like you brush your teeth and make it part of your routine.

These little steps will help make it a little easier.

1. Eat

Don’t exercise on an empty stomach in the beginning, you will conk out! You may start, but you won’t exercise with intensity and you may find it all catches up on your later in the day. If you exercise early, just find something light that works initially to set the habit up.  Then you may find when you are used to morning starts you can then do your workouts fasted. However to begin with I always suggest to find good preworkouts for men and eat approximately 90 minutes to a couple of hours beforehand. Or if you have left it a lot longer than that since last meal, have a small snack to energize the body. Of course it all depends on the time of day you are working out and also giving your body time to digest it and you certainly don’t want a full stomach when you workout. But to form your exercise habit and to build that good routine, its important that you start with a body that is fueled. So find what works for you and put fuel in your engine to kick start the habit.

2. Get dressed

Get into your gym gear without even thinking about. Have your gym gear packed and ready and get into fast….no procrastinating. If you work out first thing in the morning have it setout ready to put on. If you workout after work, make sure you take it with you and change into it as soon as you can to set yourself up.

3. Drink

At least 500 mls of water before you start. This gets rid of that heavy feeling in the muscles or that tired foggy mind. Also hydrates the muscles so they are ready to move. Ever felt the heaviness in the legs when you go for a run, or legs that don’t turn the spin bike pedals very fast, they just feel like lead this can be caused by dehydration. Your body has over 10 billion bio chemical reactions a second, 100% are hydration depended. So if you are dehydrated, your body doesn’t want to move. Help it move by hydrating it first. You can also try IV therapy for hydration, with lots of healthy benefits you could get. Here are some of the services that you could choose from: check out this link: To learn more about good nutrition habits, visit

4. Music

Get some music cranking, play it loud and play music that gets inside you and makes you want to move. I have a playlist on spotify that I have put together that I love. Its called “Foreverfit Get Moving” to do just that, use this playlist or make one yourself of music that inspires you to move.

5. Only do 10 minutes

Don’t make it such a big deal in your head. Get the body outside and commit to going for a walk. Chances are after 5 minutes of walking  you are ready to move faster and work harder. Exercise energizes you, so just by starting you will be energized. But you just have to start!

6. Move more through your day

By incorporating movement throughout your day, such as taking short walks or even considering a quick treadmill session, you will improve your overall energy. That way, it will be much easier to contemplate the workout and actually make it happen because your body feels much more alive and ready to do it, especially if you’ve been sitting for extended periods. If you’re looking for convenient options, you might even search for treadmill service near me to ensure your equipment is in top condition for a seamless exercise experience.

Building wellness and overall fitness comes from your daily choices and the lifestyle you lead, take a look at this article here next and get some step by step tips on how you can build your fitness is a simple and easy to follow way.


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