Beef and Blue Berry Stuffed Sweet Potato

Woah!! This Beef and Blue Berry Stuffed Sweet Potato is so tasty! Last night I cut in half some sweet potatoes and popped in oven to cook so I can have some carbs after my workout the next morning. That night we also had slow cooked beef, so I decided to have this wee creation post workout/breakfast! Man it was totally amazing! I am going to have this tomorrow also. Got to just leave a little beef hidden in the fridge so nobody steels it and eat it before I do.


Sweet Potato Left over beef Blue berries Salt and pepper

Cooking Instructions

Half a sweet kumara and place in oven to cook. About 20 minutes at 180 C/350 F.

Scoop out some of the middle and combine with blue berries ( I used frozen) and left over meat. I heated this up just on the stove in a pan.

Place the mix in sweet potato, season and eat.

You may need to make a couple at a time, as one just didn’t seem like enough.


Hope you like, let me know if you do. If you are wanting more clean eating, gluten free recipes I have over 400+ on this site. Check them all out here and also check out our clean eating app.


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