Carrot, Beetroot And Apple Salad With Mint Yogurt Dressing

A stunning autumn salad, loaded with fresh raw ingredients that will leave you feeling powered. The yogurt dressing pulls all the incredible flavours together and the ground nuts give the salad more density and texture.


Beetroot Carrot Apple Spinach Cucumber 2-3 brazil nuts crushed (rolling pin works well) Fresh herbs to garnish Ingredients for Dressing 1/2 cup yogurt (I used coconut yogurt, you could use coconut cream/milk) 1/2 cup Lemon/apple cider vinegar Mint leaves finely diced

Its amazing how as the seasons start to change so to do your natural cravings. I have just been feeling the urge for big hearty bowls of raw fresh salads for lunch, however given that its still winter, this can be quite hard to do if you are shopping local and in season.

So this wee bowl of hearty goodness is using up all the winter vegetables and fruit I had in the fridge today. Then a nice pour over of some great quality fats in the dressing and nuts, make this a fantastic lunch.

Construction Instructions

Grate cucumber, carrot, apple and beetroot. Place in a bowl with some fresh spinach leaves.

In a jar place all the dressing ingredients and shake.

Pour over dressing and sprinkle with nuts. Enjoy.

Beetroot and carrot salad-3

Beetroot and carrot salad-4

Beetroot and carrot salad,


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