Ceviche – Marinated Raw Snapper

While we have been spending some time in Whangamata, Coromandel, New Zealand it has been just perfect getting up each morning and heading out for a walk on the beach with wee elly. There is nothing like a change of scenery to get you motivated and inspired for things to come. The bonus of that is that I have gotten all inspired to do lots of cooking again. That seems to be the thing that floats away into the distance when life is a bit busy and easy to prepare quick meals are the go to.


500grams snapper 1/2 cup coconut cream 1/4 cup lemon/lime juice 1/2 capsicum 1/2 red onion 2 springs spring onion Coriander Fresh herbs to garnish

What got me all inspired was our neighbour, he gave us two whole snapper this morning so I couldn’t resist creating my version of ceviche. I think this is the absolutely best way to have fresh fish. Its a really popular dish in coastal regions such as south america, but I first had this dish in fiji, it may of been called something different I can’t quite remember. I am pretty sure a lot of regions that have access to fresh fish have their variation of this dish and that is what makes it so great because it is simply about highlighting the incredible fish and it tastes so amazing!


I made this dish with the fish that was just 3 hours out of the ocean, the fresher the better. The citrus in the lemon marinates the fish and almost “cooks” it and the coconut cream gives it this tropical kick. You can keep it simple then with just herbs, but I added in some extra vege for more flavour and texture. We just served it us straight and ate it off a spoon. You can make it as a sort of dip though and get some crackers, homemade bread and create a pretty spectacular platter.

Raw Fish-3



Fillet and finely dice the snapper into small cubes.
Dice the capsicum, red onion, spring onion and coriander into small pieces.
Squeeze lemons and drizzle over fish.
Combine everything together and allow it to sit for 1 hour in the fridge for the flavours to develop.
Then enjoy!

Raw Fish


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