Chocolate coconut rough

Chocolate heaven! I LOVE chocolate!!! However last time I had some it was store bought and I ended up having to cut it out because of my digestive problems and it contained way to much sugar in even a 75% bar. However I have discovered how to make it, and that I can have some every now and then without issues. So here is my first attempt. Watch this space for more homemade chocolate recipes!! Practice makes perfect. Chocolate coconut rough was the first round.


100 grams of coconut oil 30 grams raw cacao powder 1 tablespoon coconut nectar/honey 100 grams of shredded coconut
In a pan heat oil and stir in cacao powder and coconut nectar. Keep stirring on a how heat until all dissolved and smooth.
Cooking Instructions

Add in shredded coconut and place in fridge or freezer to harden.

Once hard, roll into balls and place in fridge to harden. Store in fridge.

You can make this more or less of a chocolate by changing the amounts of cacao you add, also you can make sweeter by adding in more honey/nectar.



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