Dark Raw Chocolate And Fig Slice

Feel like something really indulgent?


¾ cup raw organic extra virgin coconut oil ½ cup coconut flour 1/2 cup raw cacao powder ½ cup honey Pinch of himalayan salt 5-6 rehydrated dried figs, sliced thinly

Well this is it. It is loaded full of nutrients that are so good for you. This is good chocolate, raw natural and simple to make! I love to have a little chocolate each day, it loaded with magnesium which is vital for stress reduction and allowing you to stay more focused. Chocolate does however have quite the stimulus kick to it, so I prefer to get all the goodness from chocolate mid morning or afternoon instead of in the evening. If I have chocolate after dinner it definately affects my sleep. Be different and try having a little square of this mid morning, bit it makes your day all the better!


Using a bread tin line it with baking paper.

If coconut oil isn’t runny, melt gently in a pan and combine cacao and honey. Mix to combine and until honey melts.

Remove from heat and add flour and salt, along with chopped figs.

Place into tin, and pop in the fridge to set. I did this over night.

Slice up into thin slices or cubes and keep in the freezer.

Dark Raw Chocolate Fig Slice_-2


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