Energy Boost Salad

This is a fabulous all raw salad that will bring some vitality and energy to your day. Because lets be honest, sometimes your (well mine) food can become boring and lacking vibrancy and then usually around the same time it is common that I also begin to lack in energy and vibrancy.


3 or 4 long stems of kale 1/2 head broccoli 6 brussels sprouts 1/4 red cabbage 1 carrot ½ cup fresh parsley ½ cup almonds 2 Tbsp sunflower seeds For the dressing 3 Tbsp olive oil ½ cup lemon juice 1 tablespoon fresh ginger grated 2 teaspoon honey 1 teaspoon tahini


You see food builds the cells you live in and you are what you eat, but more importantly you are what you digest and absorb. So it makes sense that you want your food to have energy, colour and life to it.

So my go to when my energy is lacking and I may have been a tad lazy recently with my food is to up my game and get back into fresh raw salads or green smoothies, packed full of vegetables and this salad is one of my favorites. (Its also amazing for waking up your digestive system again if its been a bit sluggish recently!)

Try this salad out next time your feeling a little flat and let the power of vegetables bring some life back into you. Be sure to make plenty so you have some to take to work for lunch the next couple of days.

Detox Salad-4

Finely dice all of the vegetables into as small a pieces as you can. You can use a food processor for this if you have one.
Once all diced, combine together in a large bowl.
Roughly chopped the almonds and blend through the mix along with sunflower seeds.
Into a jar or blender, place all the dressing ingredients. Blitz or shake up until well combined and then stir through the salad.
Serve up and enjoy!

Energy Boost Salad


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