Nourishing Fishermans Soup

We have just sold our house and have bought a wee plot of bareland, just enough for Bens bees, my horse, a vege garden and a blossom tree! It is however barehand so we are just going through the process of planning our wee house and loving coming up with creative ideas.


1 tablespoon butter 1 medium onion finely diced 1/2 cup diced celery 1 small zucchini diced 3 cloves garlic minced 1 large carrot, diced 1/4 cabbage shredded super fine ½ tsp dried oregano ⅛ - ¼ tsp dried chile flakes 1/2 teaspoon dried time or 3-4 sprigs of fresh. 1 cup tomato puree or 1 tablespoons tomato paste 2 cups fish broth ½ tsp himalayin salt 500grams firm white fish I used snapper 200 grams prawns 2 tbsp capers diced up Salt & pepper to season

In the mean time we are homeless and probably be this way for 6 months, but because both Ben and I run online businesses we are spending a little time in Whangamata and then possibly a caravan for a bit. Nothing like some adventures and we are simply loving being by the beach in this cool little town.

One of the great things about this is our neighbor here heads out fishing each day and we got given some fish heads which have made this most incredible broth that we have been having each day as a hot soup. This was one of the recipes I created using that soup and it was so devine I didn’t want it to end. We ended up having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! So good and made the body feel amazing.


In a large pot heat the butter.
Add in the onion, garlic, carrot, celery and zucchini.
Cook, stirring occasionally, until the onions and garlic is cooked.
Add the oregano, thyme and chile flakes, and cook for 1 minute.
Add the tomatoes and fish broth, and bring to a simmer.
Add the fish pieces and cook, stirring occasionally, until the fish is almost cooked through, about 2-3 minutes.
Then add the shrimp and capers and continue to simmer until the shrimp just cooked.
Remove from heat and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Fish Soup


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