Plum Chutney Recipe

So plums are everywhere right now. My fruit bowl is full so I decided to get domestic and make this yummy chutney! Full of sugar but as you know this is chutney….. and its not like you eat it by the bowl. A slither in the sandwich is ideal. It will taste even better known they are real plums you picked (or your mate did….thanks Amy!)


900g / 2lb plums 1 large onion 200g / 7oz raisins or sultanas (optional) 450g / 1lb brown sugar 570ml / 1pint malt or cider vinegar 1 thumb / 3cm ginger sliced 1 Tbsp cinnamon 1 Tsp nutmeg 8 cloves 2 tsp salt

Its so good!!! Smells amazing while it bubbles away. I had a red wine, while it was cooking. Quite the combination of smells and tastes around the room with the rain outside.

The Cooking Process

Place all the ingredients into a saucepan, while cooking get your sterilized jars ready. (To sterilize, either place in boiling water for 10mins, or place in oven at 100-120 degrees for 10 minutes.)
Rapidly boil mix until thick (about 30-45 minutes)
Stir every 5 minutes to ensure that the chutney doesn’t stick or start to burn.
To test if the chutney is thick enough rapidly draw a spatula across the bottom of the pot, if you can get a short glimpse of the bottom of pan the chutney is ready, if not continue to thicken the chutney by boiling.
Check the seasoning, add to it if needed, remove ginger and cloves (if you can find them)
Pour hot, but not boiling, water into the preserving jars to heat them up, so when hot mix goes in they don’t crack. Then remove
Pour chutney to brim of jar, then seal and label

Perfect gift to have on hand throughout the year, why not go to extra care when jarring them up and labeling them, make them cute and adorable……heres mine 🙂

Comment below and show me your attempt or similar plum recipes.

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