Protein Packed Sushi Roll

These sushi rolls are loaded with protein and raw vegetables. Super tasty and really satisfying. The perfect lunch to fuel you for a productive day ahead. The nori sheets are a fantastic way to get extra iron into your diet, which is hugely important for thyroid health.


2 eggs Carrots Red onion Spinach leaf Cucumber Avocado 1 Nori Sheet

Heat some oil in a pan and crack you two eggs into a bowl and whisk. Cook the eggs like an omelette, then allow it to cool.
Slice cucumber, carrot, onion and avocado into thin slices to fill the sushi roll.
Get your nori sheet and place it onto a sushi mat, then line the sheet with egg omelette.
Fill with vegetables, then roll up as you would normal sushi.
Slice and enjoy!

Egg Sushi Rolls-3

Egg Sushi Rolls


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