Quinoa, Zucchini And Beetroot Salad


1 cup coloured quinoa 3 large beetroot 3 large carrots 3 zucchinis Olive oil Fresh spring onion or herbs

Quinoa Zuchini Salad

Quinoa Zuchini Salad-4This dish looks amazing and its a great healthy dish to put along side a fresh summer salad for a BBQ. Nice slow releasing carbohydrates that are packed full of protein and nourishing nutrients. Really easy to make ahead of time and have there ready for when your guests turn up. I served this up with the herbed chicken and fresh summer salad for a lovely summer BBQ lunch with friends. Check out the menu idea here.

Follow the instructions on the packet to cook your quinoa, you can do this ahead of time and allow it to cool.
Preheat oven to 180 C/ 375 F.
Peel, scrub and clean the beetroot and carrots. Then finely dice. Cover them with some olive oil and bake in the oven until caramelized and well cooked. I also did this ahead of time and had them in the fridge.
If doing this as a BBQ, clean and dice your zucchini and pop these on the BBQ just before you want to serve and add to the dish. You can cook these ahead of time in a pan with some oil and have them cool already added to the dish.
I then garnished with some fresh spring onion.

Quinoa Zuchini Salad-3

Check out the dinner party menu I did here using this dish along side herbed chicken and the fresh summer salad. Was such a stunning combo!

BBQ meal Plan-3


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