Warming Brown Rice Porridge

When ever we cook up rice or any form of starch option, we tend to cook in bulk so I can often have cooked rice, quinoa or roast veges in the fridge. This is a great way to make meals faster and save yourself a lot of time when preparing meals. Also means you always have a good option on hand when you need it. Plus it never takes any extra time, all it means is you just cook a little extra when you do cook. This is smart cooking!


1 cup cooked brown rice 1/2 cup coconut or nut milk 1 teaspoon honey pinch ground cinnamon pinch ground vanilla or 2-3 drops vanilla extract Optional - pumpkin seeds, coconut and feijoas to garnish.

So this breakfast is a great option if you are a porridge kind of person and can’t handle oats. Great way to use up some cooked brown rice and also tastes pretty amazing to. Great on a chilli cold morning.


Combine cooked brown rice, milk, honey, cinnamon and vanilla in a pot and gently bring up to heat.
Stir while heating and allow everything to combine, continue to simmer for 2-3 minutes.
Serve warm with your favourite toppings.

Brown RIce Porridge


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