HI Nicola

I have really enjoyed Bootcamp, it has made me aware of how easy it is to schedule in exercise every day. The yoga I found was a great way to relax and stretch my stiff body. I have also enjoyed the AMRAP, Tabata and even the sprints, which I did on my bike and with a skipping rope. This bootcamp was great for motivating me into moving everyday not matter how hard or how long, as long as you move. Thanks Nicola, I look forward to the next program Thrive, but in the meantime it is Morning Yoga for me, which is something I will be doing on a daily basis.


The bootcamp really inspired me! With two young boys at home, it is difficult to get out to the gym. But with Nicola’s online 20 min work outs each day, I could easily get in my exercise. I found the workouts really motivating and with options to really push me. I feel stronger and fitter, and have even managed to lose some weight. I am now really looking forward to the thrive course to continue the new active me! Thank you for inspiring me! Louise

I’ve done 3 bootcamps now and I find them great for challenging myself and mixing up my exercise routine. Both before I had my baby when I was super fit and more recently now I’m a bit slower I have found the workouts to be challenging but achievable. I really like having the videos to follow and being able to basically get straight into a workout, which is great when I’m short for time. The daily email reminders are good for keeping me accountable too. Would definitely recommend it to others.

Adrienne Davies

Hello Nicola, I have recommended your website to lots of people. My daughter put me onto you about 1 year ago and I have relish the ease of stepping into my garage and having you work with me through which ever programme I choose. Your bootcamp kept me focused. You have an excellant variety.
Merry Christmas and keep up the good work
Vivienne Lilley

Awesome boot camp, I have done a few boot camps now and they always meet my expectations, all levels are catered for, which is great as when I am building my strength and challenging myself I know what options to use(and can use a lighter option if that what my body needs).
Very organised and easy to follow.
Thanks Nicola!

Cass McGimpsey

Hi it was great motivating and fun work outs easy to do at home and I felt I achieved results definitely fitter and more toned!
Meagan ramsay

I have belonged to the online gym for several years now, and this new bootcamp was a great rejuvenation of my exercise plan. It was really great to follow some new workouts and although my fitness level is pretty good, I was still able to challenge myself with the higher level options available within the workouts, yet it as equally suitable for a beginner who hasn’t exercised for a long time. The instructions are clear, and Nicola delivers the classes in a positive, friendly way that makes it easy to follow along. I always pretend like I am actually in a class, and that way I have the added challenge of wanting to do my best, not slack off because I’m at home. It really is the best way to get a workout into your day, with the ability to fit in half an hour any time to in your day, as well as my daily walk or run to get that foundation of movement. I look forward to my workouts, instead of dreading them, and the additional advice, recipes etc is an added bonus.

Val Rigter

Hi Nicola

Very happy to give testimonial.

One night I was scrolling through Facebook when up popped an advert for Bootcamp with The Online Gym. I spoke with my husband who said “go for it if you want to”. I thought about it for a while then came to the decision to ‘Do It!’

Day 1 of Bootcamp I was determined to be honest with my testing and eating – I was determined to prove many people wrong who had told me constantly that I would struggle to get rid of my ‘mummy tummy’.

I loved the daily emails with the workouts. What made me 100% committed was the simplicity of the workouts, I did everything from home, and usually in the morning before work. What kept me motivated was the variety of lengths of workouts as well as the content. I loved experiencing yoga as part of the program. The support of the Facebook group and private emails was also fantastic.

In terms of results – I lost a total of 31cm from my measurements. The fact that I can actually see the results has given me the motivation to carry on.
Yes I have a long way to go, however, the results I can see have given me the inspiration to continue and I’m determined to embed the new habits I have created. I will be forever grateful for falling upon the Bootcamp advert, it really has changed my life in so many ways.

Chrissy Ford

Hi Nicola
I was so enthused about this bootcamp and managed to get through weeks 1-3 very well. During week 4 I managed 3 sessions and unfortunately surgery saw me laid off for the last week. But I’m on task to continue this week. Sessions are just being pushed out, not stopped.
I just loved Bootcamp, because it’s all about ME and you make each workout achievable and inclusve – regardless of my level of fitness, you provided an array of moves to suit my level. Your amazing positivity and joining me for each session was also inspiring and motivating. (No chance of giving up, with you in the room lol)
My favourite part of bootcamp is the Yoga, followed by amraps and tabata….and the part I disliked was running. Running and I are just not friends. But hey, skipping, power walking worked for me.
The Wellness program -( wow you are very clever and insightful) offered further support and had some very helpful tips. Sleeping patterns have changed lol. The Bircher muesli is a hit in our household and we are hooked.

I’m okay about where I am at right now, dissatisfied with myself at the moment, but know that I will be feeling the opposite, very satisfied, at the end of this coming week.
Thank you very much Nicola for the opportunity to once again reawaken, strengthen, replenish and nourish my body, mind, and spirit.
Looking forward to the next phase.

Mauri ora (Good health)

Hi Nicola,
Your online gym experience was new for me.
I found all the types of exercises ie yoga, AMRAP, TABATA , sprints, happiness and wellness days, suited and everything made sense in how you set out the training program.
The alternative options were very helpful as I did revert to the easier option for want of a better word, when I wasn’t able to do full range.
The fitness tests start and finish, is a great way to see results at the end of the programme.
All your online interaction was very informative and enabled me to work along with your videos.
Particularly helpful watching all the exercises first.
What I really took in was your Wellness Wheel promotion, I liked how you always, said without prejudice upon anyone that for me was the overarching message of WELLNESS and HAPINESS and I get that ?
I admire that you have put this great program together for the wellbeing of others, such as myself whom I thought would never do such a thing!!
I am inspired to continue with you, as you are making a difference to my whole well being and happiness.
I am looking forward to Thrive.
Thank you very much.

emma ward

Irene Breese

Completing bootcamp and final testing. Super impressed – feeling lots fitter and healthier, increased time for each test, finally able to complete 5 full press-ups (never before) and lost inches. Looking forward to the Thrive programme.Recommended this fitness programme to other people so keep up the great work.

The best fitness programme I have been apart of. Never thought that this could be possible online and that I would stick to it. I find yoga so beneficial to my flexibility after many years of lifting heavy weights.So now I have completed the boot camp and whilst I did not lose weight I lost inches…yay!!! I never missed a workout and sometimes did a yoga one in the eveningas well . I hate running so I walked very fast, and used a skipping rope for all the sprints. Three drivers for me completing this bootcamp- they were short, varied sessions with options, Nicola and her energy is an amazing motivator first thing each morning and I enjoyed how I felt each day before going to work. I even loaded all the meditations on to a USB stick and go off to sleep with this each night. Thank you so much for all these wonderful tools… you have changed my life xx


The best online bootcamp programme ever. Loved it, thank you Nicola for yet another brilliant online fitness programme.Fi Marshall

Hi Nicola,

I have really enjoyed being apart of this boot camp. It has challenged me and pushed me on days I really couldn’t be bothered doing anything. My energy levels were high after each workout and my body and mind felt great. I struggled with the last week and wasn’t able to complete the running side of the fitness test due to hurting my Achilles the week before which was disappointing however I have still seen some great results with the other tests and it has motivated me to keep going. Thanks so much for this great programme 🙂

Thanks again

Dear Nicola,

I loved Bootcamp and would be happy to share my experience.

I felt like I was in pretty good shape before joining Bootcamp. I had recently trained for and completed a half-marathon to celebrate being a five-year cancer survivor. In the past (before cancer), I would train for a race and then stop running after the race because I was sick of running and I felt unmotivated to workout in the winter.

This year I set a goal to maintain my fitness after my race. I joined Bootcamp hoping that it would help me figure out a more sustainable fitness plan for myself. Bootcamp helped me to do this! The daily emails from Nicola were encouraging and helped me to keep exercise as a part of my daily routine as the weather turned colder. I loved the predictability of doing HIIT on Monday, Tabata on Tuesday, yoga on Wednesday etc…combined with the new routines for each style of workout each week. The variety was easier on my body than running all the time and removed the monotony of doing the same type of workout each day.

I am the mother of 5 children, ages 9 to 16 and don’t have a lot of time to spend working out. The Bootcamp workouts helped me realize that I could improve my level of fitness without spending huge amounts of time working out. At the beginning of Bootcamp, I could do 8 full pressups and by the end I was able to complete 15. Even though I was a runner (slow, long distances), I had never done sprints. I was amazed by what a difference they made! I actually cut my time for 1 km by 45 seconds! I was also new to Tabata and loved it.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the online gym format. Nicola was responsive to my comments and questions. I had access to all sorts of workouts and helpful information, at anytime of day. I didn’t have to drive anywhere to workout and I didn’t need fancy equipment. The Wheel of Wellness concept really rang true with my heart.

Nicola’s workout videos are awesome! I appreciated that she did all of the reps alongside me. I was glad that she didn’t edit out the portions where she lost her balance or had to fix her ponytail – these made me feel connected to her as a person. I felt of her sincere desire to help others reach their goals and improve their health. The variations on each exercise are explained clearly and provide options for all fitness levels, from true beginner to seasoned athlete.

I would recommend this Bootcamp program to anyone interested in improving or maintaining their fitness. Thank you for creating such a great program. It was everything I hoped it would be.

Many thanks,

Nicola, I would be more than happy to share my BOOTCAMP experience for the only reason that I loved it.
For five weeks I was looking forward to the next daily session. Between, the core, Tabata, sprints, yoga, run, walk sessions, I had plenty of opportunities to challenge myself. The fitness test at the beginning and at the end of the challenge is what kept me moving no matter what , because I wanted to see some improvement s, and I did.
Nicola, your workouts are fun and diverse, and your fabulous energy make them great to attend.
I will keep participating in your programs and I highly recommend your website to my friends.
To a fabulous new year that I’m truly looking forward to.
Thank again

I’ll be 58 years old in January and I train three horses for dressage. I have two granddaughters and I want to be the grandmother that hikes and plays with them. The only way to do that is to exercise. Even though I was already exercising, this was a great boost in keeping me fit. I especially liked the days we used weights. I would do it again if offered.


Such a wonderful variety of workouts filled with options to suit everyone. No matter your mood or energy levels, there is always something to do. I love the restorative yoga sessions and short and to the point Tabata! I also adore how any of my friends, no matter where they are in the world can be on the same boot camp together! ❤️☀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Kate Phillip

Hi Nicola,

What can I say apart from Bootcamp was FANTASTIC! I have often got fed up with my lack of energy and the way my body looks and feels. I have started so many fitness programmes extremely motivated and trying to keep up with the coach I have always ended up with injuries, so each time I’ve stopped.

When I saw you were opening registration for Bootcamp a few weeks before my birthday (50th), I thought it’s now or never.

I loved the emails everyday to let me know what I was in for that day. The workouts were challenging, short, sweet and to the point ! I kept motivated, without any injuries (although the first week had a few sore muscles!) I found that everyday I couldn’t wait to do my workouts! The results are there. Centimeters finally disappearing from just about everywhere!! I feel just wonderful. Thanks Nicola for your Amazing workout programmes. Can’t wait for Thrive which I will then follow with DRT 1.

Kiné regards

Michelle Clauzel

Hi Nicola

I loved the boot camp.
It was there at home in private
I was able to push myself or take it slow night not feel embarrassed
It wasnt a hour long sessions.
They were do able sessions
I like how u included yoga
Thank you Tracey

Thank you so much Nicola, for All your programs! You always give me that little bit of motivation I need to keep going! I know I feel better and stronger and pleased that I did the whole 5 weeks of boot camp! and want to keep going…Looking forward to THRIVE!

The format is excellent! Last winter I completed all of the yoga programs . I love the settings, the diversity and the litttle pup too ! Keep of the great work!


I just competed Bootcamp. What a fun and effective program! I lost inches and gained strength in all areas.
But what I love most about Nicola’s programs is that they are Smart. The exercises follow in good sequence day by day and week by week. There are always options that are well explained to keep you safe. The motivation is there to try harder but not to hurt yourself.
So many programs are out there by people without proper training and they can set you back. Nicola has the knowledge and training to make exercise fun and safe. She has a way of welcoming you to improve your fitness for any sport you choose .
Cheers to Nicola!

I loved every aspect of the programme. The level of information was perfect, well thought out and motivating. You are so positive in your videos you really did make me feel like I was doing an amazing thing. I love the routine the bootcamp has created and how it introduced me to workouts I wouldn’t do by myself, I discovered I loved sprints and yoga. I feel so positive about having a good balance of exercise and that I can fit it into my life long term.

Thanks so much






Thank you Nicola!
I’m just amazed over all the programs and possibilities for wellbeing I find at your site! Awsome!

I’ve done DRT1, 2 and 3, morning yoga and Cathedral Cove yoga retreat and loved them all. THEN I went for Bootcamp and did both the training and the meal plan. Bootcamp was just awsome – I love it!! Mealplan was not at all as hard as I thought it would be – and the 5 week duration actuall start giving some nice habits!

The results of Bootcamp for me is just amazing!
I’ve  started to find joy in running .. I just love the sprints and what they do to me.

I’ve lost about 8kg, overarms and thighgs all lost 4cm, waist lost a whooping 10 cm and the hips 12 😉  and the bum is looking better and better 😉
What I love even more, is that it felle like I’m building up some good habits regarding , food, workouts, stretching, movement, catch the day and enjoy life even more. Love your statement about-  workout and move to be able to enjoy your life till the fullest, don’t let the body hold you back!

I have now moved on to Thrive and added in Tabata Tuesdays from Bootcamp and also the sprint Thursdays 🙂 I aim to start doing the 15min run on Tuesdays from week 5. My goal is to run 5km before Christmas 😉

Thanks again!
Love Siri Wylie , Sweden



Hi Nicola

I’m really love the bootcamp. I already did the DTR 1-2-3 and I found it was a good continuity. I fell that it’s really improve my cardio.
Unfortunatly I get injure and I mist the last two work out.
Now I start the morning yoga

Hi Nicola

I went onto Bootcamp as a follow on from your excellent DRT fitness program for riders in order to maintain fitness.
The format of short daily varied routines works really well for me.
I was pleasantly surprised by how much mg fitness has improved over the last 5 weeks especially in my upper body – I can do press ups now!
The workouts are well designed with plenty of options for all levels.
I am looking forward to using the online gym to continue to maintain my fitness.
Thank you Nicola
Best wishes

Here’s my testimonial 😊

This was the ONE thing that finally got me motivated to start exercising. Nicola’s BC is the perfect balance.  In only 5 weeks I could see a difference and it’s so easy. Loving that I don’t have to slog it out at the gym. This is sustainable and truly the best thing I ever did. Thanks Nicola! 👍

Victoria Bartlett



Nicola’s online gym is so convenient and flexible I was able to do the bootcamp program during a holiday in Europe. As we were on holidays I had no problem doing the 10,000 steps most days but I was really glad to have the extra exercise sessions as it kept me motivated and focused on my health particularly when there so much rich food to experience.”

Tristan Rolfe

The world is full of amazing people and through Bootcamp I got to connect with a whole lot more of them. Nicola Smith is leading the ForeverFit: Online Gym and it is here that I joined Bootcamp. This five week program has ensured that I moved every day. The variety, short sharp workouts and balanced program coupled with an online group has ensured my success, as well as that of many other participants if one is to read into their joy and enthusiasm after their final fitness test. Unlike other programs I have started not only did I fully complete the whole five weeks, I’m signed back up and ready to repeat it as I have found it sustainable as well. Thank you Nicola for getting me back on track to health and fitness with enthusiasm.

Kind regards Andrea

Andrea Mitchell

Hi Nicola!

I signed up to bootcamp as I was looking to kick up a gear in my overall fitness. I found the workouts easily fit into my schedule, and I even shuffled the workouts around a little bit to allow for extra busy days. I really surprised myself with the final fitness test. The improvements shocked me, mainly because I felt so much more comfortable doing each test! My cardio and upper arm strength has gained the most, but I feel trimmer and more energetic for doing the camp. I have never been a runner but I am inspired to continue with some running each week, I with the aim of running a 5k in the near future. It was just what I needed!!! I will go on with a min of 3x week workouts and get ready for DRT2 in the Autumn sign up….Thanks Nicola & Ben!
Catherine Downs

I am very happy to provide feedback about the Bootcamp program. First of all I was in dire need of an exercise program. Because I work a weird schedule I needed something I could do on my own time. The solution was Nicola’s Bootcamp. (I also participated in the DTR1 program and i am a member of the online gym).

When I’m working out i feel like Nicola is in the room with me encouraging me along the way. The exercises work every part of my body and are strenuous but not to the point of exhaustion.

I always read Nichola’s  emails about improving ones state of mind and well being.
In short i think this was a well-thought out program. I love the website, registration was easy, accessing the workouts is straightforward and the exercises have set me on a healthy path.
 Excellent job Team Smith!!!!


Ilona Schwarz

I am 55 years old and have ridden most of my life. I have all the usual rider aches and pains! I have steadily worked my way through DRT 1 and 2 and really enjoyed it. My horses are in South Africa and I commute from Mauritius, so the program is really helping me stay strong and fit despite limited riding. I had just started DRT 3 when the chance for Bootcamp came up and I went for it!  The program is quite intense but each session has structure and options, so you can manage it according to your level or energy that day. The sessions are a perfect length, tiring but not too time consuming. The fitness testing adds a bit of fun and motivation to it as well. I found all the extras really useful, especially the nutritional guide and recipes and the warm-up and warm-down sessions. Five weeks is just enough, I was very happy to make it to the end! What is really great is that I resumed DRT3 today and felt considerably stronger and more stable 😉 and have fully conquered balancing on the ball :)) All the admin seems to work well and there is plenty of support via FB or email. I would really recommend Bootcamp for anyone who wants to make a step change in their rider fitness and improve the finesse of their riding.
Thanks very much Nicola and Ben!

Carron Bartens

Hi there Nicola,

I really enjoyed bootcamp, it gave me so much more energy and a better frame of mind.  The exercises are fantastic and challenging, but always have the options to suit you at what ever stage you are at.  Highly recommend to anyone who needs a challenge to better themselves .  The facebook group are also very friendly and its great to share progress and photos throughout the journey with everyone else.
Thank you Nicola and Ben for such a fabulous programme.
Kind Regards

The online gym has been amazing, the support is endless, encouragement abounds and the workouts will kick your butt! This program is versatile and easy to do. What ever kind of workout you are looking for, is here in Nicola’s gym!

Judith L Gutzwiller

Boot camp is challenging and so helpful with my progress. I had some knee issues and was haying during this challenge so part of this routine changed for me. I especially loved the yoga; it’s my go to.  Thank you for all your efforts and great info and great routines I can follow! I have recommended a new friend and she is so excited to show her daughter. She home schools and loves your example for wellness, etc. Keep going Nicole and Ben, from New Zealand! You are awesome!


Linda Anding

Foreverfit boot camps never fail to impress and engage me.  Short, sharp yet incredibly effective workouts which have been cleverly planned to have maximum impact with minimum commitment.  There are plenty of options for everyone and suggestions for extra walks/runs etc to pair nicely with the daily work outs.

Katie Phillip

Hi Nicola

I have absolutely loved boot camp. This was my second attempt at boot camp. So this time round I got my 2 sisters to sign up too, so we could hold each other accountable.
We have all absolutely loved it. I feel amazing now at the end of the 5 weeks, I have so much more energy and feel so motivated to continue on this great journey. I think the best indidicator of how good the programme is is how you feel at the end but the measurements and fitness test results are an added bonus. I was blown away with my results.  I improved my 1km run buy 1min 48sec, I could not believe it! I now really look forward to my workouts and can’t wait to start thrive.
I can not reccomend this programme highly enough.

Aimee Keenan

Hi Nicola,

I really enjoyed Bootcamp. It took til week 4 to really feel like I was in the habit of every day exercise, and then I really looked forward to it as part of the day. By week 4 I felt a lot stronger, and chose the hardest options, whereas in the earlier weeks I was more cautious, not wanting to hurt anything 😅😂. I have had sciatica since late last year, which varies in pain level, so that was the limiting factor in workout intensity, but generally I felt really good.
I went down a cm or two in measurements, ( and up one in my arms, nice) so while I didn’t lose much wait I feel more toned and definitely stronger.
I’ll miss the daily videos from you but am going to replace them by starting DRT2 again, which I ran out of steam for during the early cold dark winter mornings! I plan to do one every day rather than 3 per week, so should do it in half the time.
I used Bootcamp as a kickstart to train for a 10 k walk/run at the end of August( our local school’s fundraiser) so am feeling ready to up the k’s!
The best part about BC was the short sharp workouts being easy to fit in, raising a sweat and the heart rate, and you can do it inside on these cold days!
Thanks for your great programs, your enthusiasm, and your lovely smile while cracking the whip 😁.
Regards, Rhonda

Rhonda Payne




Hi Nicola
I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the online gym bootcamp. The daily emails , the easy to follow workouts , motivation, support from the online group , and nutrition advice.
I have discovered my love for fitness again , and realise how important it is to set small goals and to test yourself fitness wise to see improvements every few weeks. I am really looking forward to the next BOOTCAMP !!
Thanks so much Nicola , my fitness journey has been very up and down of late and I thoroughly enjoyed this bootcamp I also found a love of yoga and meditation ! It has set me up to be more focused and more aware of where I need to be and how I need to get there !!
Emma Newall 
Bootcamp came around just when I needed it. I’m over the moon with the results. Workouts are short and easy to fit into your day without overtaking your life so it is easy to stick with the plan.
Nicola and Ben are professional, kind and supportive and the environment on the Facebook page is awesome.
Thank you for an awesome 5 weeks, going to repeat it now and eagerly awaiting the next one 🙂

Charlotte Rundgren

I really enjoyed the structured of bootcamp, and it was great having Nicola’s positive, cheerful emails pop into my inbox every week.  Nicola’s enthusiasm definitely helped with the motivation.  It was also really good having a community of other people on Facebook, posting their progress throughout the bootcamp.  Thanks! Jane Pacey